E-liquids – the Ultimate Marketing Masterclass

During our 23 years in the labelling industry we have worked with lots of different companies helping them to ensure their packaging is compliant with legislation, durable and attractive.  We’ve been involved with marketing and creative agencies looking to push the boundaries for their clients with imaginative and innovative labelling design that stands out from the crowd (and maybe win … Read More

Making Life Easier

If you have ever called Readability to place an order or ask for advice on print labelling or thermal transfer printing you will know just how much we love to talk! We just can’t help ourselves. Given the choice of sending an email or picking up the phone a proper conversation always wins. With our preference for verbal communication, you … Read More

Readability supplies solutions stateside…

We do enjoy a challenge at Readability and over the last 23 years we have had some interesting conversations with customers about their more unusual labelling requirements.One of those conversations occurred in March 2014 when Philippa took a call from a company in the US who required warning labels to use on products exported to the UK and Europe. Compliance … Read More

“Spice Up” Your Labels

Anyone who knows us well understands that when it comes to labels we can be just a little fanatical.  A trip to the shops, especially the supermarket, generally results in a “Wow take a look at that” moment much to the chagrin of the poor soul who is unlucky enough to be accompanying us. Maybe it is because after 23 … Read More

TPD Labels – The question on nearly every E-liquid suppliers lips…

The revised EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Article 20 has come into force Every day we are being asked the question – “How do I get compliant labels for our e-liquids?” It seems, as with many EU Directives, clarification and clear guidelines allude us. The 20th May 2017 deadline has passed, the sky hasn’t fallen but uncompliant e-liquid should, in … Read More

Stand out from the crowd with your packaging…

We love to help our customers stand from the crowd with their e liquid packaging.  Let’s face it with over 7,000 different flavours out there the E-liquid market is a pretty competitive space!   If you don’t dare to be different then your “blend”, no matter how amazing, is simply going to “blend” in with the 6, 999 other flavours available. … Read More

Everything you wanted to know about label finishes but were afraid to ask…

If you are at all familiar with our team at Readability you will know that when it comes to labels we can be a little bit fanatical.  It’s probably down to the fact that we have been living and breathing custom labelling since 1992!  To the majority of the human race the lowly label is just something to “stick on something” … Read More

So what exactly is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and why should I care?

Unless you have been lucky enough to be enjoying the delights of a desert island over the past few weeks you will be aware of the Paris climate change agreement. 195 countries signed up to the landmark legal agreement to prevent global warming exceeding 2C above pre-industrial levels this century. The Paris Climate Change Accord is being hailed as the … Read More

Labelling lessons learnt: When 2 becomes 1

When you’ve been in the same business for 23 years it’s fair to say that you probably have a reasonable understanding of the product you’re offering.  And, that you’re clear on what’s possible (and not possible) in terms of satisfying customer requirements. At Readability we’re not too reserved when it comes to shouting about our expertise as far as labels, … Read More