Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are sometimes known as chemi-thermal labels. Usually used for parcel shipping and short term applications.

Direct thermal labels are heat reactive. The image is created by direct contact with the heat of the print head.

Direct thermal labels:

Direct thermal labels are heat reactive which means that the image is created by the heat of the print head. Standard DT labels are used for short-term applications with limited resistant to marking and smudges. When using avoid contact with moisture, oil and fats. Often used as shipping labels and receipts.

Top coated direct thermal labels

Top coated direct thermal labels provide an extra layer of protection when printing direct thermal labels and dramatically improves the smudge resistance.

Direct thermal labelling is less popular in general than thermal transfer labelling because the label is in direct contact with the print head causing premature print head wear and potential print quality issues. Also the recent price increases in direct thermal material negate some of the previously perceived cost savings.


Stock Direct Thermal Labels

Various sizes are available for same-day dispatch if orders are received before 12:30. These are limited to paper labels with a permanent adhesive. Either with 25mm inner cores for portable printers or 76mm core with an 8" Outer Diameter (OD).

Custom thermal transfer labels

Available from 3-5 working days made to your specifications to suit the label life required. Call 01440 712 273 to discuss or scroll down and fill out an enquiry form.

Stock Sizes

Material Choice

Paper Labels

Paper labels are suitable for most standard applications typically for box or pallet labelling under warehouse conditions.

Synthetic Labels

Polypropylene or polyester thermal transfer labels for when labels need need extra strength to cope with extreme environments, moisture, heat or abrasion.

Specialist Labels

For labelling specialist materials such as chemical drums or car tyres.

Labels can be finished to suit your application with perforations, peel-out sections known as bullets or any shape and size imaginable.

Adhesive Choices

Permanent Adhesives

Excellent all rounder suitable for films, plastics and cardboard.

Freezer Specific

With variations suitable for everything from blast freezing to cryogenic specific labels.

Removable Adhesives

Offers excellent tack but removes without an issue, wash off adhesives also available.

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