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Case study: Peel & Reseal Labels for E-Liquid

Published by Chris Edney on 13th August 2020 | Case Studies, Labels


Mystic Vapor produces a range of premium e-liquid products. Their products are skilfully crafted from prime ingredients and are available in a wide variety of flavours. 

Recently, they required a new peel & reseal label for one of their products. We spoke to Zoltan Gal, COO at Mystic Vapor, to find out more.


Mystic Vapor required a peel & reseal label for an e-liquid product. They wanted a silver PP label but had experienced issues with silver labels scratching in the past. 

Peel & reseal allow the front or outer page to reseal once peeled open. They are manufactured with a specialist combination of pattern adhesives and tags, allowing the front page to be retained. They are produced using two processes: flexo print for the inside and digital print for the branded “buy me” messaging outside. Lighter weight materials are used for small circumference bottles to ensure the label stays firmly attached to the product throughout its intended lifespan.

The search for a solution

Back in October, Mystic Vapor decided to look for a new supplier. 

Following a Google search, they contacted around 10 suppliers for samples. Mystic Vapor was looking for more than just a quality product.

Zoltan commented: ‘As a small business we needed a supplier that was reactive, flexible and reliable, with genuine knowledge of our sector. We definitely found that with Readability.’ 

Working with Readability

Due to the existing silver labels scratching, Readability trialled a couple of heavier varnishes, but none gave the finish or protection required. 

So, Readability investigated a lighter weight silver PP and laminate. 

Philippa Griffin, Operations Director at Readability, explained: ‘The problem with a 10ml peel & reseal label is that you have to keep the overall weight of the label at a minimum so that when applied to a small bottle it does not ping open. So, putting a standard laminate on the existing silver PP peel & reseal label was not an option as it made it too heavy.’

After a couple of trials, Readability created a 10ml silver PP with a laminate finish at the correct weight, which works with the bottle size and does not scratch. 

‘Readability were great to work with! We had a few different versions of the label whilst looking for a solution and each time they printed new samples and had them delivered to us quickly. This is so valuable when you’re a small growing business.’ – Zoltan Gal, COO, Mystic Vapor

Final words

Zoltan commented: ‘It seemed impossible at times to achieve what we wanted. However, the order we received is absolutely awesome! We are really pleased with the results from working with Readability and we look forward to many similar projects in the future.’

Next steps

If you have a complex labelling issue requiring a creative solution, get in touch with the Readability team on 01440 712 273 or email

Or, if you want to know more about the range available from Mystic Vapor, visit

About the Author: Chris Edney

Chris is our Founder and Managing Director, clocking up over 30 years at the forefront of quality packaging and printed labels. He enjoys working with business owners and designers to create eye catching packaging with fast turnaround times.

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