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Custom printed stand-up pouches: Stand up and stand out, on the shelf.

Published by Sam Edney on 27th March 2023 | Pouches
3 different printed supplement pouches

Ideal for a wide range of markets and products, custom printed stand-up pouches offer your consumers the convenience they are looking for, are environmentally friendly and preserve your products shelf life. Whether you’re a startup looking to benefit from consumer focussed, stand -up pouches or, an established company looking to create limited edition/promotional pouches, you can find a way to use Readability’s speedy turnaround, low minimum order value and order flexibility.

Custom printed stand-up pouches are on the rise due to several reasons. According to the statistics, the global custom printed stand-up pouch market is expected to grow at an 8.1% CAGR. The market is set to increase from $24.87billion in 2022 to $36.7billion in 2027 ( The increased global demand is a result of several properties including reseal-ability, lightweight, printability, material substrate choice and eco-friendliness which contribute to the ditching of rigid plastic packaging. One of the main issues with shipping rigid plastic is the amount of wasted space in lorries and containers. Effectively, you are paying to ship large quantities of air.

Readability recognises that it can be difficult to keep up with the new packaging trends so can be your port of call to simplify making this change for you.

The challenge

On-the-go consumption demands convenient, portable, and lightweight packaging.

The changes in consumers’ habits show that these factors have become increasingly important. In store, your customers are weighing all of this up during their purchasing decision. 

Sustainability continues to be one of the top priorities when it comes your customers buying your products. 60% of consumers in 2021 went out of their way to purchase products in environmentally friendly packaging (

Many consumers make their purchasing decisions based on what they see so, visual appearance matters more than you might expect. It’s a fact. You can check out a blog packed with statistics on why consumers prefer custom packaging here.

Addressing these consumer expectations and incorporating them into your packaging is the real challenge faced by businesses today. So, what’s the solution? Custom printed stand-up pouches.

The advantages of custom printed stand-up pouches

Choosing your packaging is one of the most important aspects in business. Not only do consumers love custom printed stand-up pouches, but they provide the following benefits.

Consumer convenience

Occupying less space both on the shelf and in the kitchen, stand-up pouches are easily transported from A to B with zero hassle. Today’s consumer craves convenience and typically reach for products that can be consumed on the go – especially since the global Covid-19 pandemic. The ability to add resealable zippers to keep products fresh, or spouts to easily consume liquids alongside their lightweight properties, means that stand-up pouches are the go-to option for busy consumers.

Increased brand awareness

Before any consumer experiences your product, they see your packaging. It’s a chance to emotionally connect with customers, strengthen and elevate your presence in the market to develop a sense of feel that your potential consumers can relate to. Custom printed stand-up pouches are the perfect type of packaging where you can bring your branding to life. With a larger surface area to print compared to other forms of packaging alongside their stand-up abilities, businesses can increase visibility, shelf appeal and continue to promote after the point of purchase. Why not pick a brand colour? It’s not just Cadbury that can have a primary brand colour, you can too. Think about walking into the confectionary aisle in Tesco and the impact the Cadbury purple has on you. This could make your brand recognisable in an instant!


Consumers in 2023 are more concerned about sustainability than they ever have been before. It has been shown that when comparing flexible packaging to rigid packaging (tubs, tins and glass specifically), there is a decrease in energy, material and waste which makes them a more sustainable choice. Fewer materials are required during the production process; naturally, less CO2 emissions are released during manufacturing and waste is minimal due to the custom process offered when sizing up your product.

If you choose the stand-up pouch option, there are a couple of different material substrates you can choose from to take an extra step forward to reaching your sustainable goals. Both home compostable and recyclable material substrates are commonly used in multiple industries for wet, dry, liquid, and powdered products. With great barrier and strength properties, these types of materials do not allow external elements to affect the contents within.

Easier transportation and warehousing

  • Lightweight and flexible form means they are easier to store and transport.
  • Due to being shipped flat, a higher quantity can be shipped at any one time to reduce shipping costs and carbon footprint.
  • Ability to fit more on the retail shelf due to their stand-up, slim nature.

Improved shelf life

Keeping contents safe and fresh is one of the most important characteristics businesses should look for in their packaging. Natural elements such as moisture and oxygen can cause your product to become mouldy, stale and not suitable for consumption. Stand-up pouches are the perfect option to tackle this issue and maintain shelf life. Choosing a pouch with high barrier properties enable your product to be preserved, maximum flavours retained, and cross contamination to be prevented. Materials at Readability are tried and tested to keep products fresh. Some are fit for more than 2 years, so your clients first use is the exact same as their last.  

The Readability solution

Here at Readability, we offer something a little different, more personalised and 100% bespoke. Working with a range of brands to supply digitally printed custom stand-up pouches we feel we have harnessed the ability to truly leverage digital print for packaging.  Our pouches being fully customisable means you choose your design, size, material, and finish. Even with sustainable materials, you can add extras such as resealable zippers and windows.

More often than not, customers come to Readability as a result of not being able to get the perfect packaging solution. This has led to some struggling to portray a professional brand image and resorting to using a label stuck onto a pouch. Our unique offering include:

  • A flexible minimum order quantity so you can release multiple product ranges and flavours without concern of cash flow.
  • Short lead times so you can get your product to market quickly.
  • Low origination costs so you can try and test new products.
  • Flexibility so you can change your custom printed stand-up pouches as you wish, without paying for plates!
  • Consistent quality from print to print tying your brand to a professional aesthetic.
  • Sustainable materials.

Our friendly team of experts are here to help you stand up and stand out on the shelf without losing any of your basic functionality. Get in touch with us today. If you want to hear more on our packaging solutions and service, connect with Sam on LinkedIn for regular packaging posts and information.

About the Author: Sam Edney

Sam is our Sales Director, working with customers to find the best packaging solutions for their products, brand and target audience. With a passion for new materials and technology, all while keeping a firm focus on sustainability .

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