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EcoLux: The Superior Alternative to Traditional LDPE Pouches

Published by Cameron Fisher on 27th March 2024 | Pouches

For brands on store shelves, first impressions are crucial. While traditional LDPE pouches have long been a staple in the packaging industry, as market demands evolve, many brands are finding that LDPE packaging falls short in several key areas, including aesthetics and durability, and are demanding more from their packaging. EcoLux pouches offer that ‘more’ by combining environmental responsibility with enhanced design and resilience.

LDPE custom pouches have been the go-to for their cost-effectiveness and practicality. Yet, feedback from brands paint a different picture. Brands have reported that LDPE pouches often compromise the perceived value of their products due to cheap appearance on shelves and a tendency to underperform when it comes to protecting the contents, which reflects poorly on the brand.

Recognising these challenges, we have introduced EcoLux pouches to the market with a simple aim – create a pouch that is not only recyclable, but also protects your product and enhances your brand’s image.

EcoLux Features

Aesthetic Appeal

EcoLux brings a premium look and feel to your custom stand-up pouches, with a much wider variety of finish options, including matt, soft touch, and metallised effects. EcoLux ensures that your product is not just seen but also admired.

Luxury pouches

Enhanced Brand Perception

Our EcoLux pouches convey an undeniable impression of quality. The tactile feel of the materials used in EcoLux pouches embody luxury and care, influencing consumer perception before they even interact with the actual product inside.

Structural Integrity

Where LDPE pouches may sometimes appear flimsy or lose shape under weight or during display, EcoLux stand-up pouches excel with their outstanding material strength. Engineered to avoid breakages, they stand up to the challenge of transport and handling. The stronger material ensures that the pouch doesn’t fall in on itself, maintaining its shape and form on the shelf. With EcoLux, you deliver a message of strength and reliability every time a customer encounters your product.

Commitment to Recyclability

Recyclability remains a cornerstone of consumer expectations. EcoLux pouches match the recyclable nature of LDPE while elevating other packaging standards. They represent a commitment to sustainable practices without sacrificing on quality and performance.

As we’ve listened to the concerns about LDPE pouches, it’s clear that brands are seeking a packaging option that aligns with their values and meets the high standards of their customers. EcoLux pouches deliver where LDPE pouches fall short, offering a packaging solution that excels in both form and function. By choosing EcoLux, brands no longer have to choose between aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility.

Contact Readability today to learn more about our EcoLux pouches and take the first step towards packaging that truly reflects the value of your product.


Q: How do EcoLux pouches compare to LDPE when it comes to environmental impact?

A: EcoLux pouches hold their own in environmental responsibility by being fully recyclable at large storefronts, similar to LDPE pouches. If you would like to learn more about EcoLux’s recyclable properties, check out this previous blog post.

Q: Will switching to EcoLux pouches affect how my product is perceived by customers?

A: Absolutely. The superior finish and strength of EcoLux pouches not only protect your product better but also enhance the perceived value and quality of your brand. They send a clear message of luxury and reliability, which can positively influence customer perception.

Q: Are the lead times different for EcoLux compared to LDPE?

A: Both our EcoLux and LDPE pouches will be ready for delivery 7-10 working days after artwork approval.

About the Author: Cameron Fisher

Cameron is our resident marketing and content expert, skills which he applies to his ever-growing knowledge of custom packaging and labels, helping push the Readability brand out to a growing audience.

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