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Four things to consider when choosing your supplement packaging

Published by Chris Edney on 09th September 2020 | General

According to a recent report, the vitamin & supplement market in the UK is expected to grow 7.4% annually between 2020 – 2025. The UK is one of the most significant markets in Europe due to increasing use of vitamin and sports nutrition products among adults. 

With a growing market, there are many new supplement brands launching, therefore, it is more important than ever to get your packaging right. 

There is a lot to think about, but here are the four key things we think you should consider when choosing packaging for your supplement product: 

#1 Sustainability

Will your choice of packaging demonstrate your brand’s commitment to the environment? Is it recyclable? Why not opt for our eco-friendly approved packaging board and process.

Choose materials and equipment that comply with industry regulations and legal guidelines, in addition to boosting sustainable production in the long run. Focusing on sustainability and using recycled or recyclable packaging creates a greener, more eco-conscious image for your brand.

#2 Perceived Quality

The first interaction your customer has with the product is usually the packaging. Make sure your choice of print & finish reflect the quality of your brand.

No matter how appealing or innovative the materials and design may be, your packaging is only effective if it protects the product against damage in transit. Make sure you invest in high-quality packaging materials that keep products secure until they reach the end customer or distribution facility. It will cost you far more to replace damaged shipments later than to invest in durable packaging now.

#3 Branding

Will your supplement product stand out on the shelf?

Packaging is often just seen as something to protect your product while it is shipped from A to B and sits on the shop shelf until it is purchased. But, packaging is so much more than this!

Your packaging is a marketing tool. You can share key messages, demonstrate the quality of your product, and create brand recognition. Getting your packaging right is vital to helping your product stand out on the crowded market shelf.

Smart design choices can be used to enhance the visual impact, such as bold colours or patterns that draw the eye.

#4 Shipping

Have you thought about how you are going to ship your product? How will it be stored in your warehouse or displayed on the shop shelf?

Helping us understand the product life cycle will allow one of our experts to advise on inks and protective finishes to ensure your product arrives with the customer in tip-top condition.


If you’re still unsure about your packaging needs, contact our team today, we’re happy to support you with finding the right solution.

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