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Is your printed packaging and labelling causing you pain?

Published by Chris Edney on 15th July 2020 | General

When speaking to new customers and prospects, we typically hear about the same packaging supply chain issues. The ones we hear most regularly are extended lead times or promised dates not being met, inconsistent quality due to cheap swap-outs or supplied goods not meeting the specification and poor general management of orders and slow response times to questions.  

Do any of the above sound familiar to you?

Here at Readability, we pride ourselves on service and quality, something that is very hard to quantify as every company claims to do this. We have been in the print industry for 28 years. We started out providing barcode labels to supermarket suppliers and since have expanded our expertise in printed labels, custom printed boxes, cartons and other packaging. We spent 5 years nurturing the labelling side of the e-liquid industry and this is where we gained most of our printed label knowledge. As times have changed and new regulations have come in, we have been ahead of our competition in the development and design of peel and reseals and integrating tactile warning triangles. 

We utilise a full suite of order management and customer communication tools and have many years’ experience managing complex orders ranging from small quantities across multiple designs to huge volumes where the printed label and carton must offer a stable colour match to ensure brand continuity. 

Our Products 

Readability can provide a range of packaging solutions for a variety of industries including CBD, e-liquid, supplements, pharmaceutical and food & drink. 

Our range includes: 


  • Our cartons are digitally printed meaning we can offer short lead times and short runs along with low origination costs taking the pain out of your setup. Furthermore, our HP Indigo digital presses are unequalled for print performance and colour stability, meaning we can guarantee the consistency of print quality and colour for your cartons across multiple repeat orders.


  • With a wide range of label products, including various paper options, synthetic materials, multiple finishes, and embellishments, choosing the right label can be a challenge. We supply a wide range of labels including multi SKU, peel & reseal and Inkjet blank labels and are happy to support you with finding the right one for your product. 

Patient Information Leaflets 

  • Readability supplies printed and folded patient information leaflets to fit any box around bottles or blister packs, for any product. Patient information leaflets are legally required for a range of products. Typically, they are used with food supplements as well as pharmaceutical, CBD and e-liquid products that require them.

Tactile warning triangles

  • We supply tactile warning labels in rolls of clear triangles for application to existing labels, or an all-in-one fully integrated warning label. By law, packaging for products labelled as ‘very toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘toxic’, ‘harmful’ or ‘extremely flammable’ must carry a tactile warning triangle to alert blind or partially sighted users that they are handling a dangerous product.

Thermal transfer ribbons

  • Readability has over 25 years’ experience supplying thermal transfer ribbons to most major UK food, chemical and automotive groups. We offer a 100% guarantee on all our thermal transfer ribbons, so you can be sure that any ribbon we supply is reliable and fit for purpose.

Want to know more?

We’re here to help! Contact the team today to find out more about the solutions we provide. 

Readability provides a range of specialist printed labels and packaging for even the most complex and custom product needs. Choose from a wide range of paper and synthetic label materials with multiple finishes and embellishments. For further information, contact the team on 01440 712 273, email or complete our contact form here.

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