Readability relocates to Royston

Readability relocates to Royston

Label and printing experts, Readability has relocated its offices to Royston on Monday 25 September. The company team, who have extensive experience in label printing, are highly skilled at delivering beautifully printed labels and solutions to ensure compliance with relevant packaging regulations. Readability is a key supplier to diverse industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, beauty and more. Readability’s current long … Read More

Peel And Reseal Labels: The Top 5 Benefits

Also known as multi-layer or piggyback labels, peel and reveal labels offer a range of benefits. Before we look at the benefits though, it’s important to understand what peel and reseal labels are. Simply put, they are product information labels which can be opened and shut while retaining their quality. Peel and reseal labels are not to be confused with … Read More

TPD E-Liquid Labelling Guidelines: Are You Compliant?

New regulations for all retailers and manufacturers of e-liquids came into being on 20th May 2017 following the enactment of the new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) 2016.  By now it’s expected that most manufacturers of e-liquid will have complied with the new regulations, but as The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has provided some clarification and interpretation of the … Read More

Making E-liquid Packaging TPD Compliant – Call Philippa

Need e-liquid packaging that is TPD compliant? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters……. Sorry showing my age there… But seriously who are you going to call, your mate at another e-liquid company, search the internet for hours and end up more confused. Well look no further than Readability. We having been supplying e-liquid packaging for over 3 years, in 2016 we … Read More

Cleaning A Thermal Transfer Printer

Cleaning a thermal transfer printer may be a mundane activity but it will save you money and downtime. We recommend that the print head is cleaned every time the thermal transfer ribbon or label roll is changed. The print head is the most expensive consumable on a printer and regular cleaning helps extend the operational life. How To Clean A … Read More

TPD Ready 10ml Bottle Labeling Options Explained

Please talk to us about your particular need and we will endeavour to explain the options as we understand them. We have supplied millions of e liquid labels, cartons and leaflets to help our customers become confidently TPD compliant. How can we help you? Please call 01440 712 273 and ask for Philippa or Chris, or email Readability has been involved … Read More

Who Made Vapouround’s Labels

Vapouround’s new e-liquid bottles look great with labels that have a premium look thanks to the metallic finish. If you had seen what they looked like on plain paper you would not believe it was the same design. The finished label pictured looks nice, but we can’t wait to see this one on the shelf and in the exhibition. Now real justice … Read More

E-liquids – the Ultimate Marketing Masterclass

During our 23 years in the labelling industry we have worked with lots of different companies helping them to ensure their packaging is compliant with legislation, durable and attractive.  We’ve been involved with marketing and creative agencies looking to push the boundaries for their clients with imaginative and innovative labelling design that stands out from the crowd (and maybe win … Read More

Making Life Easier

If you have ever called Readability to place an order or ask for advice on print labelling or thermal transfer printing you will know just how much we love to talk! We just can’t help ourselves. Given the choice of sending an email or picking up the phone a proper conversation always wins. With our preference for verbal communication, you … Read More

Readability supplies solutions stateside…

We do enjoy a challenge at Readability and over the last 23 years we have had some interesting conversations with customers about their more unusual labelling requirements.One of those conversations occurred in March 2014 when Philippa took a call from a company in the US who required warning labels to use on products exported to the UK and Europe. Compliance … Read More