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The Pouch Buyer’s FAQ (with answers)

Published by Sam Edney on 20th September 2022 | General
Digitally printed stand up pouches

If you’re considering moving to digitally printed pouches as the preferred packaging for your products, research into pouch types, quantities, production processes, timescales and materials will most likely raise a few questions that you will want answering.

To make things easier, we’ve listed some of the questions we are asked most frequently below, in one easy-to-find location – along with some helpful answers.

What is the minimum order quantity for digitally printed pouches?

Each supplier has its own rules when it comes to the minimum number of pouches that can be ordered.

At Readability, we set our minimum order quantity low at 500 units. However, many other suppliers will be much higher.

What products are suitable for pouch packaging?

There is almost no limit on what types of products are suitable for pouch packaging – though as with everything, there are always exceptions.

The following products are some of those most commonly packaged in pouches:

  • Nuts, dried fruit and other food snacks
  • Pills, powders, vitamins and food supplements
  • Wet and dry foods
  • Pet foods
  • Drinks, liquids, sweets and gels
  • Coffees and teas

All of the above are commonly sold in pouches, but if your product isn’t included in the list, it’s best to ask a pouch supplier about suitability.

Is it possible to test or trial pouches before committing to ordering them?

Usually. To make sure you’re happy to begin using pouches for your product, many suppliers will offer samples so you can get a feel for the quality and materials.

Whether you can get a free sample or not will depend on the chosen manufacturer – Readability is happy to supply sample pouches. Sample runs complete with your artwork and particular sizing will be chargeable.

Is it important to use an ISO9001 accredited pouch supplier?

The ISO9001 accreditation shows that a supplier has an internationally recognised quality management system.

This means they have been audited and found to have a range of quality management systems, procedures and processes in place.

It’s important to realise that the ISO9001 certification doesn’t guarantee product quality, but it is a good indicator that your supplier follows minimum, standardised quality standards.

Can pouches be recycled?

Digitally printed pouches come in a variety of materials, some recyclable and some not. Please beware of claims about recycling.

At Readability, we offer different types of pouches that are compostable, kerbside recyclable and storefront recyclable and will always offer professional and knowledgeable advice based on your requirements.

Readability also has links to approved materials and recycling schemes. If this sounds like something that is worth integrating into your system, let us know as early as possible.

What sizes are pouches available in?

As products come in all shapes and sizes, most suppliers provide a wide range of sizes to accommodate. This includes the following:

250g – 160 x 230 x 45

500g – 190 x 260 x 50

1kg – 240 x 300 x 55

1.5kg – 270 x 300 x 55

2kg – 300 x 310 x 55

These are the standard sizes our regular customers take. If your required pouch size isn’t listed above, don’t worry. Within reason, pouches are fully customisable.

How long does it take from order placement to delivery of pouches?

The turnaround time on pouches ordered will depend on the supplier. At Readability, it takes 5-10 days once the artwork has been approved.

If you are working to tight deadlines, it is always best to discuss your deadlines with your pouch supplier, so you get an accurate estimate of how long the delivery process will take for them.

Can you print multiple designs in a single order?

The beauty of the digital printing process is that multiple different pouch designs can be printed on the same print run.

This is called multi-SKU printing, and it means that any amount of pouch designs can be produced during one order.  Readability offers multi-SKU printing, as do some other pouch suppliers, but do check first if this is what you require.

Does the quality of the pouches stay consistent?

The technology used for digitally printed pouches ensures that every pouch produced is of consistent quality. In fact, whether you need 50 or 5000 pouches printing, you know that with a digital printing process, every pouch will be exactly the same quality.

Beware when ordering ‘cheaper’ pouch products from non-UK suppliers as quality and consistency can be variable and – once the product is delivered – difficult to rectify. Common issues include out of registration print, poor quality seals and thin/cheap feeling materials.

How hard is it to change packaging designs between orders?

A high level of design flexibility is possible thanks to the digital origination and printing techniques used in pouch production.

This means that changes, small or large, can be made easily without causing extensive delays associated with conventional print. Conventional print methods use plate printing. Changing a design will mean that new plates have to be bought. Not only is this a slow process, but it is also very expensive. 

Are pouches more sustainable than traditional packaging?

If the sustainability of your pouches is important to you and your brand, you are advised to conduct careful due diligence on the materials offered by your pouch supplier. Readability can offer support on this where required.

Sustainability credentials are important to Readability, so we will always be 100% transparent with customers about matters such as compostability and recycling of pouches we supply.

Other sustainability factors to consider include the fact that pouches typically fold flat for storage and transportation meaning they take up less space.

Because they are size-efficient and lightweight, this makes them more carbon-efficient than many other storage options.

How can Readability help me solve my pouch packaging problems?

We hope this list of frequently asked questions has answered your most pressing questions about sourcing pouches.

Call Sam or Sydney on 01440 712273 to find out more about how we can support you, or request a sample pack so you can see and feel the quality of our pouches.

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