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We’re still here for you

Readability has been deemed as an essential part of the supply chain as we supply to food and medical industries. This means that our labels, cartons and patient information leaflets are still available.

Currently we aren’t seeing any issues with lead times as we hold stock in the UK, furthermore we haven’t seen any issues with our suppliers across Europe either.

During this unprecedented time, we will be prioritising labels, cartons, and patient information leaflets for our medical and food customers. However, we are still here for any e-liquid label, supplement label, or CBD label enquiries.

The Readability team are safely working at home, but they are all still contactable on the usual phone numbers and email addresses.

We hope you’re all keeping well. Take care and keep in touch.

Readability provide a range of specialist printed labels and packaging for even the most complex and custom product needs. Choose from a wide range of paper and synthetic label materials with multiple finishes and embellishments. We supply self-adhesive sticker labels suitable for frozen products, super-hot automotive parts and water or oil-based environments, as well as standard pallet, box end and barcode labels. For further information, contact the team on 01440 712 273, email hello@readability.co.uk or complete our contact form here.

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