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Why Cereal Brands Should Switch to Pouches

Published by Cameron Fisher on 17th April 2024 | Pouches

Go against the grain

The way a product is packaged can significantly influence its success in the market. For cereal brands, this means reconsidering traditional packaging methods to align with modern consumer preferences and environmental standards. Enter packaging pouches – a solution that not only meets these needs but also offers substantial operational benefits. Here’s why cereal brands should consider making the switch to pouches for their packaging.

Simplifying Packaging with a Single Pouch Solution

Traditionally, cereals have been sold in a cardboard box with an inner plastic bag, a method requiring two separate pieces of packaging. However, we suggest a shift towards a more streamlined approach: a single, all-encompassing pouch. This shift not only reduces the material needed but also minimises waste and simplifies the packaging process.

Enhancing Brand Appeal with Customisable and Eye-Catching Designs

Pouches provide a broad canvas for creative and eye-catching designs, enabling brands to stand out on the shelves more effectively than with conventional boxes. Readability specialises in digitally printed packaging that allows for vibrant, high-definition graphics and customisation that can adapt quickly to marketing trends or seasonal changes. This flexibility gives brands a competitive edge in retail environments.

Operational Advantages: Low MOQs and Rapid Turnaround

One of the standout benefits offered by Readability is our commitment to accessibility for businesses of all sizes. With low minimum order quantities (MOQs) starting at just 500 pouches per SKU, smaller cereal brands can enter the market without the daunting upfront costs typically associated with high-volume orders. Moreover, Readability’s industry-leading turnaround time – which stand at 7-10 days for pouches from artwork approval – means that brands can respond swiftly to market demands and maintain lean inventory levels.

Ensuring Product Freshness and Durability

Packaging isn’t just about looks; it also plays a crucial role in product preservation. The materials used in pouches, such as high-barrier films, ensure that cereal stays fresh longer by protecting against moisture and air – two factors that can degrade product quality. Additionally, the option of adding a resealable zipper enhances consumer convenience, allowing the cereal to maintain its crunch and flavour over multiple servings.

Resealable zippers transform consumer experience by offering unparalleled convenience post-purchase. Unlike traditional cereal boxes, where the inner bag often lacks a sealing mechanism, leading to potential spills and staleness, resealable pouches ensure that the cereal remains fresh from the first bowl to the last.

The resealable zipper not only maintains the product’s freshness by providing an airtight seal but also enhances user convenience by eliminating the need for additional storage containers or clips often required to keep traditional packaging closed. This ease of use encourages better storage habits and reduces food waste, aligning with the sustainability goals of both consumers and brands. For cereal companies, a resealable zipper can be a decisive factor in a consumer’s purchase decision, as it offers a practical solution that differentiates their product on crowded supermarket shelves.

Cost-Effectiveness and Environmental Impact

Reducing the packaging components from two to one has significant cost implications. By eliminating the need for a separate inner bag and outer box, brands can decrease production costs, reduce packaging weight, and lower shipping expenses due to more efficient space utilisation. Environmentally, using less material also means generating less waste, a step forward in achieving sustainability goals that appeal to a broad segment of today’s market. Pouches are also available in recyclable materials (such as Readability’s new premium EcoLux material), so there is no need to be concerned about any negative environmental impacts of switching from the box-bag combo.

Conclusion: The Strategic Shift to Pouches

For cereal brands, adopting pouch packaging is a strategic move towards greater efficiency, enhanced brand visibility, and stronger consumer appeal. With a partner like Readability, brands have the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge digital printing technology and benefit from tailored services such as low MOQs and quick turnaround times. This packaging innovation positions brands as leaders in a crowded market, not merely adapting to trends but setting new standards.

For cereal companies looking to revitalise their brand and appeal to a new generation of consumers, the switch to pouches could be the game-changer they need.

Let’s talk about how your brand can benefit from switching to pouches. Schedule a consultation with our packaging experts to explore customised solutions that fit your needs.

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