Carton Printing

Carton printing is no longer available. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Boxes Pre-folded Ready To Ue used
  • Short Run Digital Printing
  • 10ml Bottle Cartons – 3 In One Carton
  • Carton Security Print Options
  • Integrated Tactile & Braille Printing
e liquid boxes

Digital Carton Printing

Cartons are no longer available.

Cartons and boxes printed in full colour let you show off your brand in all its glory. Small cartons for bottles and larger display boxes that let your shops and resellers display products quickly and beautifully.

  • 10ml Bottle Cartons
  • Supplied Glued & Flat packed
  • Bar codes and 2D codes can be incorporated into the design
  • Materials & finishes suitable for over-printing the variable

We supply boxes and cartons ready to use, pre-folded and glued. Suitable for label application and automatic case erectors.

Any variable information can come printed onto your packaging. No over-printing or over-labelling needed saving time and cost.

Display Cartons

The display cartons are available for most product packaging that you have. Once we have the carton sizes and weights of whats inside we can come up with a suitable construction for your products. Readability ensures your finished cartons are suitable for your intended use.

Folding cartons

Folded cartons that can contain practically anything even other cartons. Cereals and other food packaging is also popularly made from cardboard that can be printed on and pre-folded ready for use.

  • Simple Designs – Cost Effective Solutions
  • Shelf & Transport Ready – Easily Display lots on one shelf and packing is easy too
pre-folded carton

Hanging Cards

Display those sweets in a bag in style, or other products that need a cardboard. They can be fitted to into automated systems that can have seal the bag and attach the cardboard hanging card.

  • Show off all the product for when customers need to see and feel without touching
  • Easy multi-part packaging
  • Ideal for sweet packets or wall plugs anything that sells lots in one bag
cardboard clip on bag and cardboard tubes

Sleves & Wallets

  • Protects – Prevents products from rattling around inside a box
  • Shelf & Transport Ready – Shops can fit lots in a box for customers
  • Suitable for DVDs, sandpaper and incense sticks

Blister Packs

  • Protects & Displays Products – Show off the product on the shelf
  • Hanging Carton – Shops choice to hang or place on shelf
  • Secure But Easily Openable

Skin Packs

  • Show off all the product for when customers need to see and feel without touching
  • Easy multi-part packaging
  • Ideal for sending parts

Carton Concept to Construction

As a Readability customer we provide you with a packaging solution that works. We understand your need for durability and aesthetic appeal. This starts from the first call where we make sure to understand the brief, how the product will interact with the carton in transport, on the shelf and with the customer.

Samples of similar boxes can be provided so you can see and feel the different materials, we can get print and production proofs if requested so you can test out your designs.

  • Templates Supplied – Just Fit Your Artwork
  • Strength & Durability – Supply us with the weight of your products
  • Quick Turnaround – From 10 Working Days
pre-folded carton

Artwork & Templates

We aren’t designers but we have a reliable network that knows how to create beautiful packaging designs, you are welcome to our list. Artworks should be provided with CYMK colour set and be a vector file format, preferably Adobe Illustrator files. We can make some accommodations for other file formats if suitable. Once a suitable artwork is received we create a design proof ready for our printers and for final sign off by you.

Tap into two decades of experience and create some amazing product packaging.

10ml bottle packaging dimensions

Carton Dimensions: 25mm 25mm 75mm
Label Dimensions: One of three 32mm x 64mm, 30mm x 60mm – Blank labels, 20mm x 50mm

Do your cartons need a label?

security seal

Security Labels

Tamper proofing has become an essential part of packaging and you can use Readability to advise and supply the best option for your products. Security Labels Information

custom paper label

Custom Labels

Sometimes labels are needed to present some extra information maybe it’s a special offer, maybe variable information See labelling options