Bleeding Barcodes & Snapping Ribbons – Thermal Transfer Printing Problems Solved

Technology seems to let us down at the most important times and thermal transfer printers are no exception. A regular routine to clean the print head will solve many problems. You can use printer wipes to clean printheads, platen rollers and label sensors every time you change the roll of ribbons or labels. Dirty printheads are the cause of most common printed image problems. … Read More

Don’t pay over the odds for “branded” thermal ribbons

Get the best quality thermal transfer ribbon without paying inflated prices just for the branding. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is not always what it seems. Sometimes inflated pricing goes hand in hand with slick marketing and imagined benefits. We all object to paying more than we need for what is after all the same thing beneath … Read More

Who would have thought chubby gorilla bottles would be a thing?

And it would cause such a stir amongst e-liquid suppliers. Has it caused the 10ml e-liquid bottle to plunge into terminal decline? Here at Readability, we thought we had developed a perfectly workable solution to the TPD compliant e-liquid bottle labelling problem. Simples! a 10ml size peel and reseal label on a synthetic material, with a variety of finishes from brushed … Read More

Polypropylene vs Polyethylene Which Label Material

When should you use PP labels? Which synthetic material should you choose for warning and product labels? This guide will help you make an informed choice as to whether you should use Polypropylene or Polyethylene substrates. We are often asked the PP or PE question and whilst all synthetic label materials might be described as being closely related they have quite different … Read More

Six Tips To Protect Your Print Head

Your thermal transfer printers print head is usually the most expensive consumable part so looking after the print head can save you hundreds of pounds, clean your print head regularly and extend the life of the head, often by more than 50%. Printer manufacturers will provide information about cleaning cycles and most will recommend supplies and tell you that you must use … Read More

Get a free Vapouround Advert

First, to be in with a chance to win a full page of advertising in Vapouround, all you need to do is get a label quote for your e-liquid company and include the phrase “Vapouround competition” in the initial contact by the 31st January 2018. You can then be entered into a prize draw (1st February) to win a full page advert in … Read More

Peel And Reseal Labels: The Top 5 Benefits

Also known as multi-layer or piggyback labels, peel and reveal labels offer a range of benefits. Before we look at the benefits though, it’s important to understand what peel and reseal labels are. Simply put, they are product information labels which can be opened and shut while retaining their quality. Peel and reseal labels are not to be confused with … Read More