Colour Label Printers

Full colour label printing on demand is now a cost effective reality. Putting you in control of your printed label production.

Readability Ltd supplies millions of beautifully printed labels every month to hundreds of satisfied customers but sometimes it would be more beneficial from a cost, speed, inventory and management perspective for our customers to print exactly what they need when they need it.

The latest generation of colour inkjet label printers are worth considering if you find lead times or minimum order quantities challenging. Please call us for a chat to discuss whether these printers would be an option for you. Prices range from £1000 for a high speed, high quality unit capable of printing hundreds of eye catching labels per day to £5000 for the industrial version printing high gloss, photo quality prints onto waterproof materials.

ColourWorks Inkjet Printer C7500

Colour Label Printers are:

Simple to use

Excellent control panel combined with easy media and ink loading


Outstanding performance with the latest rugged technology


Up to 300mm/sec at high resolution of 600 x 1200dpi


Full manufacturers on site warranty for 1 year of 500km of print

Cost effective

High capacity ink cartridges keep cost down

Plug & Play

Replace monochrome printers quickly and easily

Durable prints

Smudge, fade and liquid resistant labels

Why print colour labels in house?

  • Reduce Cost – Short runs of printed labels from any label manufacturer can be prohibitively expensive due to the set up cost and overhead recovery on industrial digital presses typically costing £500,000 upwards.
  • No minimum order quantities – print the exact number of labels on demand
  • Speed – No lead times. Print the labels you want when you need them
  • Inventory – No need to hold labels in stock which may need to be scrapped due to regulation or ingredient changes
  • Date (BBE) and Batch coding – print all of the variable information when you print the product label – one pass, save time and cost

Blank Labels For Colour Printers

For a fast moving business needing high-quality labels in a hurry the new inkjet colour label printers offer a realistic solution.

What do you need to do next?

Contact us for an informal chat to see if a digital colour label printer is right for you.

step one in house colour labels printing

Stage 1 Design Labels

step two in house colour labels printing

Stage 2 Print Everything

Colour Label Printing Choice:

We can help you choose the correct printer to suit your needs, customer requirements and regulations. For products, box ends or for GHS/CLP labels in industries needing to meet specific regulations. Our customers use a variety of printers for many different reasons including speed, regulation and ad-hoc requirements for specific items.

Benefits of Colour Label Printing In-house

  • Highlight important information
    • Use colour to make a part number obvious.
  • You have full control
    • Don’t like a design, change it and have your new label instantly

Immediate demand, just in time, print & apply?

  • Inventory management
    • Easy to track labels
  • Enhanced Branding
    • Maximise brand visability on every label,
  • Easy GHS Compliance
    • Print durable chemical labels in any colour
ColourWorks Inkjet Printer C7500

Epson ColorWorks Label Printers

Readability are delighted to be Epson partners specialising in the ColorWorks label printers. Many of our customers choose them for either CLP labels or for product personalisation.

ColorWorks C7500 & C7500G are the top of the range and highly effective label printing machines.
For glossy labels choose the C7500G. For matt finish choose the C7500. This will meet virtually any in-house labelling requirements returning good speed and print quality. Epson promise “no major components, not even the printhead will need replacing for at least 500km worth of printing”.

  • Max Print Speed: 300mm/sec
  • Image Resolution: 600x1200dpi
  • Max Print Width: 108 mm
  • Min Print Width: 50mm
  • Formats : Roll (8″ external diameter), Fanfold paper
  • Types: Die-cut label, Continuous labels, Black mark label
  • Readability Blank Face Peel & Reseal Tested: No

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Labels for C7500G

ColourWorks Inkjet Printer C7500

Comparing the Colour Label Printers

Inks Print Head Print Consistency
Epson Label Printers Water and smudge resistant, UV resistance enhanced. Permanent print head, so no additional costs. High levels of consistency.

Colour Label Printer Extras


A powered rewinder can be attached to the printer to neatly and automatically wind your labels onto a core ready for hand or machine application. Relatively inexpensive, neat and time-saving.

Suitable blank High quality labels which have been thoroughly tested, approved and guaranteed are a top selling line for Readability.