Making E-liquid Packaging TPD Compliant – Call Philippa

Need e-liquid packaging that is TPD compliant? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters…….

Sorry showing my age there… But seriously who are you going to call, your mate at another e-liquid company, search the internet for hours and end up more confused. Well look no further than Readability.

We having been supplying e-liquid packaging for over 3 years, in 2016 we supplied in excess of 54,000,000 labels for 10ml bottles in this industry alone. We know what we are doing.

Where do you start?

Well, you can ring me, Philippa, and I will talk you through the options we have available.

I usually start by asking you questions to understand where you are with your business, because we believe that one size doesn’t fit all every time. You might be a startup or you might need to label 1 million 10ml bottles per month. We will ask what your approximate monthly filling rate is, how your production works currently with your packing, like do you mostly hand apply your labels or do you have automatic application machines?

Then we talk about your actual requirements, for example, how many designs do you have (flavours x nicotine strengths) and what a likely order size of labels will be. Our packaging is bespoke and so is the price, this means you only pay for what you need and the number of designs across your order total makes a difference to your price.

So once we have a feel for your business, where it is and where you want it to be we can talk about the actual TPD options we have available.

Patient information leaflets, bespoke printed cartons and peel and reveal labels are also part of our e-liquid speciality products so whichever route you need we have the solution.

TPD Information Needed On E-liquid Packaging

  • Primary packaging (your bottle label) will carry caution information
  • Manufacturers name
  • Contact details
  • CLP (GHS) symbols relevant to the nicotine content
  • The integrated tactile if you need one.
  • Your individual logo design
  • The flavour
  • Nicotine strength

After that you have options

Option 1- Single ply 10ml label, patient information leaflet and 10ml cartons

With this option your labels carry all the TPD compliant information listed above.
Patient information leaflet carries the ingredients, how to use, caution information and as it is printed on both sides you can customise with your own branding.

10ml printed carton. This also carries your branding and design but one side of the carton needs to carry the nicotine warning box.
Main advantages- as you have multiple surfaces you can put more information, and because the warning box is on the carton then your labels can have more space for the personal touch. This option can give a premium look to your finished offering.

Option 2 – Peel and reseal labels.

As the name implies this is basically the same look, finish and weight as the single ply above but there are in fact 2 layers allowing you 3 printed sides. Face layer, inside front and inside base. After application to your bottle the label can be pulled open by your customer and then resealed back down, so that they always have the information of use, caution and ingredients on the bottle.

Option 3 – Pick and Mix

Go your own way! You can pick and mix (age again, remember Woolies?) Some of our customers choose a mixture of both; a peel and reseal label for the bottle and then a carton to give added shelf appeal.

So once we have talked and we have helped you decide what option works best for you, or maybe you would like to see prices of all the options to help you make up your mind. I will discuss your enquiry with our estimating department for pricing. This can take between 2-8 hours to get back depending on the workloads but we will get back to you with a price as soon as we can. And to help keeps these prices as competitive as possible we have a couple of standard size products in each of the sections so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges like cutters.

Also, all our e-liquid labels are digitally printed so there are no costly plate costs.

We can even help you with your artwork. This is a chargeable service and you will be talking direct to the graphic designer who can help you with branding and ensure your artwork is print-ready and beautiful.

So go ahead and give me a ring, we are truly passionate about our products and love to talk about them. And we are a friendly bunch as well…..

Call now on 01440 712273 and ask for Philippa