E-liquids – the Ultimate Marketing Masterclass

During our 23 years in the labelling industry we have worked with lots of different companies helping them to ensure their packaging is compliant with legislation, durable and attractive.  We’ve been involved with marketing and creative agencies looking to push the boundaries for their clients with imaginative and innovative labelling design that stands out from the crowd (and maybe win them an award or two!).  So yes we thought we had seen it all when it came to marketing.

And then along came E-liquid!

According to a survey by Action on SmokiE-cig liquidsng and Health (ASH) in 2012 there were an estimated 700,000 vapers in the UK. Fast forward to 2016 and that estimate has increased by 300% to 2.8 million with the highly fragmented “cottage industry” attracting larger players and becoming more corporate.

With over 7000 different flavours of e-liquid on the market and an abundance of online and offline distribution channels the level of competition is intense.   Manufacturers and suppliers of e-liquid are constantly innovating their product and their marketing to capture attention.

Despite the changing structure, levels of competition and the impact of legislation the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of fun remains strong.  We see evidence of this every day as we are dealing with enquiries and orders for e-liquid labels.  The names of the companies and the e-liquids generate many “lol” moments during the course of a week so we thought we would share some of our favourite E-liquid company names and e-juice names.


Drum roll… E-liquid suppliers

Our Operations Manager Philippa’s favourite company name is Appy Daze. Philippa loves her holidays and Appy Daze conjures up memories of enjoying a rum punch in her holiday destination of choice – Barbados.  Philippa also keeps shouting out I Fancy One”.  We were worried for a while until we realised this was another great company name.

Carolyn, our Telephone Sales supremo, is a bit of an outdoor girl and a very calm and collected lady which is reflected in her choice of company name – Cool Breeze Vapour.

Accounts Administrator Marlene loves horse riding, something that goes back to her childhood so not surprisingly her favourite name is Little Pony Vapours.

Gemelle, our youngest and newest team member couldn’t decide between Funky Vape and Totally Wicked Eliquid (which did make us wonder whether Gemelle’s quiet disposition is just something for the office!).

Chris Edney


Our MD, Chris, also struggled to name just one company – so as he’s the boss we allowed him a selection!  Chris quite likes the irony of No Smoke Inn and the way that Drippin Licious just trips off the tongue.  His other top pick is Pants Down Vapes but he refused to give an explanation for that one!


Our favourite e-liquid flavour names

This was a pretty tough call because there are just so many great sounding names to choose from but after much deliberation we managed to whittle it down to our top 5:-

Brain Freeze by Wizmix (menthol and ice mint) – in which other industry could you call a product Brain Freeze and make sales!

Afro Dizziac by T-Juice (aniseed, peppermint, fenugreek and herbs) – well there’s not a lot we can say about this one!

Rusty Nails by Rasta Vapors (vanilla custard combined with nuts and creamy pudding and a slight undertone of marshmallow) – how can something that sounds so scrummy be called something so unappetising?

Gin’s Addiction by Halcyon Haze (gin, blackcurrant, absinthe, lemon, mint and menthol) – no prizes for guessing who picked this one out!

The Battenberg by Lovela (a delicate balance of velvety white cake and marzipan married through modest undertones of apricot jam) – this sounds delicious and captured our attention as we do like a slice of cake with our morning tea.

And then there is all the Smurf stuff….No…..Just no!

A Marketing Masterclass

We do love working with our customers in the e-liquid sector, it’s a fascinating industry.  There is so much innovation – firstly in the creation of the flavours by the mixologists and then with how they are branded and taken to market. It’s a real marketing masterclass and we are proud to play a small part in that process with our printed labels.

If you need some help in getting your e-liquid brand noticed get in touch, we would be happy to help.  Call Philippa on 01440 712273.