Epson ColorWorks Supplier

Your complete Epson ColorWorks supplier, inks, maintenance boxes and blank labels.

Readability is an approved supplier for the Epson ColorWorks printers and consumables. Epson items are available from stock delivered on a 2-3 day service. Stock colour printer labels made by Readability and can be dispatched the same day if the order is placed by 12:30, UK next day delivery available.

Our speciality is the blank labels, guaranteed to perform perfectly on your C7500 and C3500 models. The Epson inks and maintenance boxes are Epson branded products.

Blank faced peel and reseal labels for colour label printers

Blank faced peel and reseal labels are also available where the internal pages are printed to your design ready to be fully colour printed on your Epson colour label printer .

Epson C7500

The Epson ColorWorks C7500 series leading the way in industrial in-house colour label printing.

Tried and trusted on production lines around the world Used for full-colour product labels and high volume industrial lines churning out labels at 300m/s to the very best quality.

For speed, quality and reliability the Epson C7500 is unbeaten in class and with several features setting it apart. The print head has been made a non-consumable item that you won't even need to clean, the printer will do this for you.

What do I do now?

We can send you out a sample of what our Epson C7500 has produced so you can inspect the print quality. Then arrange for a demonstration at Epson UK HQ.

You can read more about the Epson including technical specification by clicking the button below.

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Epson C3500

The Epson ColorWorks C3500 quality portable colour label printer.
There's no getting around that the C7500 is one of best in-house colour label printers available on the market today. For some though the C7500 might be overkill, either too big or the out and out print quality and speed isn't needed. Introducing the Epson C3500 colour label printer. This smaller printer makes in-house printing more affordable and maintains a good quality perfect for many applications where images are not as complicated.

Used for box labels, GHS labels, EU energy labels and some simpler product labels. Often found in situations where single labels are needed with only small variations. They are very popular in pharmacies and commonly used to make tickets for events.

The print quality is more than good enough for barcodes and combined with Nice Label this, just like its bigger counter part, can become part of your label management system.

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