So what exactly is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and why should I care?


Unless you have been lucky enough to be enjoying the delights of a desert island over the past few weeks you will be aware of the Paris climate change agreement. 195 countries signed up to the landmark legal agreement to prevent global warming exceeding 2C above pre-industrial levels this century. The Paris Climate Change Accord is being hailed as the world’s greatest diplomatic success.

The debate lasted from 30th November to 12th December. It was a huge affair involving nearly 150 Heads of State and attracting around 50,000 people to Paris, including an estimated 3000 journalists.


Climate change and forests

Planet Earth is getting warmer thanks to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide.  When we are burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas we are creating more and more carbon dioxide. Forests play a critical role in climate change – we no longer have enough forests left to absorb all the carbon.


The work of the FSC and PEFC

The FSC was set up in 1993 as an international non-governmental organisation to protect and maintain forests and communities.  Founded in 1999, the PEFC is also a global and non-governmental body.  Its role is to act as an umbrella organisation that recognises and endorses credible national forest certification schemes.

Both of these organisations operate certification schemes that are managed through independent third parties. The aim of the certification is to prove the chain of custody of products from sustainable forests at every stage of the supply chain, from the forest through to the end user. Every participant in the chain has to complete certification – from processing to transformation to manufacture and distribution.


Benefits of FSC and PEFC certification

FSC and PEFC certification provide assurance that products come from environmentally friendly and economically sustainable forests.

When we supply FSC or PEFC accredited labels it means that we can guarantee the origin of the raw material used in those labels.

If you operate in a business where your customers have a strong environmental conscience you may find that FSC or PEFC accreditation is actually a pre-requisite for the products that you supply to them.

Alternatively protecting the environment may be a key element in your own company Corporate Social Responsibility policy and you may only want to work with materials that have not caused damage to the environment.

It is important to note that if you do wish to claim publically that the products you use are from responsibly managed forests you must have the FSC or PEFC certification in place.


FSC and PEFC certification and Readability

Our favourite master roll self-adhesive label manufacturer, Herma, has recently gained the FSC quality seal.  All the self-adhesive labels they supply are made in an FSC approved facility.  Certification has enabled Herma to expand their Hermagreen product portfolio and offer their customers practically any paper in FSC quality, subject to market availability.

Herma also offers PEFC-certified papers including self-adhesive products where both the label paper and the liner are made entirely from recycled material and fully compostable films.


If you would like to continue your recycled and/or environmentally friendly credentials through from your product to the labels on your packaging please get in touch, call Chris on 01440 712273.