Can You Write For Us?

Can you guest blog on our website, the short answer is yes you can. If you have something that you feel that would be interesting to our customers then send in a piece of writing with images.

We do understand that you may not have written an article in full if you have a proposal or an idea we can work together and make it something special.

At the moment we are looking for articles that talk about:

Cosmetics time frame to launch – rough guide for newcomers
– We have been asked about this by people looking for labels and would like to be helpful but beyond the labels 7-10 days BTW it’s not our area of speciality.
Cosmetics. Looking at the first stages from choosing the ingredients, sampling to final testing. For this, if you happen to be a white labeler, a manufacturer, filler, that has no interest in printing the labels it would be an ideal link up.

Bottle Types Shapes & Sizes
– Typically we label small bottles for e-liquids, with so many different types, sizes, shapes and special names ones that look so unique. I’m mean they will all look better with a label on just want to give our customers a flavour of what is out there. What they are suitable for and anything else a specialist bottle maker would know about.

Stop Calling Them E-cigarettes
– Some elements of TPD were welcome and cleaned up professional e-liquid makers manufacturing processes and made the industry safer for users. Being lumped in with the Tobacco Products Directive when not containing tobacco is misleading. Being tarred with the same brush leads to assumptions about health issues that rightly come with normal cigarettes.

We could write for you

We can talk and write about labels, cartons and leaflets for hours. If you’re needing someone to comment on or give an informed opinion about our speciality let us know and we are happy to help. For over 25 years we have been making labels and dealing with thermal transfer ribbons and printers.

SEO links to your website, tweeting and social shares. Links will be allowed so long as they are useful to customers and not a competitor or printer. We have good little twitter following and within the e-liquid industry, we have lots of brands following us. Our MD will share your blog post on his LinkedIn profile, he also likes to edit posts be they go live.