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CBD Oil Labels

Readability can supply branded and information-carrying labels to help your CBD product stand out on the shelf – as well as ensuring it complies with all current and forthcoming regulation.

About our CBD oil labels

  • Multiple label materials
  • Compliant with current regulations
  • Withstand spills
  • Hot and cold foiling
  • Braille capability
  • Wraparound labels
  • Peel and reseal labels printed or plain
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Integrated tactile triangles

Our multi SKU labels are designed to withstand handling, oil and carrier spills whilst continuing to look good and display the relevant information to warn and inform the consumer.

If your products sell in multiple countries and languages, try our peel and reseal labels which offer extra internal page space to print instructions and compliance information, whilst also displaying promotional messages to engage and retain your customers.

Boost your shelf appeal

When your target customers go into a shop, they’ll see all the CBD products lined up on the shelves. And the one thing that is going to stand out more than anything else is the label.

A high-quality label can give your shelf appeal a genuine boost by making use of the best materials and taking advantage of special finishes. This is especially important if your product is new and your brand awareness is still relatively low.

Every little helps when it comes to making your products stand out, and the right label could make the difference between success and failure.

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