Labelling lessons learnt: When 2 becomes 1

integrated-tactile-warning-label-eliquidWhen you’ve been in the same business for 23 years it’s fair to say that you probably have a reasonable understanding of the product you’re offering.  And, that you’re clear on what’s possible (and not possible) in terms of satisfying customer requirements.

At Readability we’re not too reserved when it comes to shouting about our expertise as far as labels, thermal transfer ribbons and printers are concerned. We’ve grown old with them after all! It is particularly rewarding to use our expertise to solve a problem for a customer in a way they don’t expect.

This was the case recently when one of the leading E-liquid manufacturers in the UK was recommended to contact us by another Haverhill business in the labelling industry – Herma Labelling Machines UK (

The E-liquid manufacturer was facing a labelling challenge and Herma felt that we were the best people to help.


The labelling challenge

The manufacturer wanted to apply two labels to a 10ml plastic bottle using an automatic labelling application. They felt it was a challenge as 10ml is a small bottle to work with, the labels would be even smaller and yet they needed to communicate a lot of information.

Aesthetic appeal is a key driver in getting a E-liquid label noticed in a crowded market and the quality and clarity of the print was a priority to the manufacturer. As well as strong branding the label had to contain all the required statutory warnings in addition to variable information, such as best before date and batch codes. Given the nature of E-liquid, the label also had to be highly-scratch-resistnat and smudge proof.

The second label was to be a clear tactile warning triangle to alert the blind and partially sighted to the hazardous nature of the contents of the bottle – as required to comply with ISO 11683 regulations.

The overall print volumes for each label were low, although multiple versions were required to accommodate the different flavours and strengths of E-liquid that the manufacturer wanted to promote.

The ideal solution

We quickly established that the most effective labelling solution for the customer was a digitally produced full colour, synthetic, self-adhesive label incorporating the tactile warning triangle.

A generic label was designed and then we digitally printed the design using a print receptive over varnish, (simply – a clear, high-tech functional coating) that enabled the variable date and batch information to be over-printed as and when needed using a thermal transfer printer, which Readability also supplied.

By producing a generic label this allowed longer print runs, less stock holding of multiple editions of the labels and therefore incurred lower cost for the customer.

The tactile warning triangle was screen printed onto the label after the digital print and as part of the same print process. By combining these elements of the labels instead of two labels the customer only needed one. Again saving time and money by removing the need to retain stocks of both printed labels and tactile warning triangles and the necessity to apply two labels to each of the bottles.

The digitally printed full colour, synthetic, self-adhesive label incorporating the tactile warning triangle and overprinted with the variable information is completely indelible to e-liquid spills, smudging and be very very resistant to scratching. It ticks all the boxes for our customer and saves them time and money.


Summary of products supplied by Readability


What the customer had to say… 

“I have been extremely happy with the service offered by Chris, Philippa and the wider Readability team. The labels enhance the bottle and give my brand a boost. Integrating the tactile warning triangle label into the primary 10ml e-liquid bottle label was an excellent idea – it gives a much more professional look whilst satisfying the requirements of ISO11683. Also I now only have to apply 1 label rather than 2 which saves time and money.”

Nigel – Leading E-liquid manufacturer


Do you have a labelling issue that you need some help with? Simply call us on 01440 712273. We are always happy to share our labelling expertise, after 23 years in the business we have pretty much seen it all!

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