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Whatever the product or situation we’ve probably printed a label for that before. Choose from a wide range of material choices from papers to synthetics with an almost limitless number of finishes. We don’t get scared by blast freezers, hot engines, water or oil. Some of our labels don’t even need adhesive like the static cling label for windows or televisions.

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  • Digital label printing – MOQ 1000
  • Labels supplied on rolls – Print & Apply Ready
  • Thousands of cutter sizes in stock
  • Polypropylene & other synthetic labels are available
  • Tactile Warning Stickers
custom labels for everything

Digital Label Printing Specialists

digitally printed labels

Readability labels are predominantly printed on digital presses and are supplied on a roll ready for application and overprinting. Using a digital printing process means we can offer mulit SKU print runs and cost-effective short-run labels.

  • Widest range of materials and finishes on a digital printer
  • Variable information printing for stock control or personalisation
  • Rapid turnaround times

Flexographic label printing

Need more labels? When longer print runs are needed the label printer we use is a flexo machine.

Flexo inks and toners are cheaper than digital alternatives, but the setup costs are much higher, each piece of artwork requires its own printing plates. Which is costly.

  • Any material or finish available
  • Wide range of materials and finishes
  • Thousands of cutter sizes in stock
flexo printed labels

Print Finishes Explained

Metallic Inks

Popular on e-liquid and cosmetics labels. This shiny metallic finish can make product packaging and packaging design look professional, sophisticated and eye-catching. These can be golden (metallic satin) or brushed aluminium incorporated in a suitable design the results are wonderful.

Stay on top of labelling legislation when you order with Readability, It’s one of the bits of added value we provide our customers with every day. Keeping on top of legislation will help you steer clear of the “label police”.

Labelling compliance is a hot topic with changes on the horizon for every industry from food labelling to chemical labelling to the labelling of e-liquids. It is imperative to have the right substrate and inks to suit the product and application. All are important to avoid falling foul of the legal eagles.

Chris Edney MD

Label Printing – Construction

Pre-Printed Labels on Rolls

Custom bottle labels can be printed on rolls in any winding direction. Most of our customers will be using some kind of label application machine, either a filler automated print and apply set up or a bottle labelling machine.

Buying labels pre-printed means you don’t become a print house. Our digital presses can produce more labels to higher quality standards with precisely the finishes wanted.

Why not order a free label sample pack to assess the quality of our labels for yourself?

labels being applied

Integrated Tactile Warning Triangle Labels

Integrated tactile warning labels can be manufactured with the tactile warning triangle incorporated into the label. An integrated label involves the raised triangle being screen printed onto your product label as a single process immediately after the label has been professionally printed.

The integrated triangle warning labels are compliant with legislation and are more aesthetically pleasing, with an attractive look and feel which can actually enhance your product. The integration of the raised triangle into the product label removes the requirement for a separate application process, saving time.

packaging with an integrated warning label

Peel and Read labels

“Ideal for promoting complementary products, listing ingredients, multilingual labelling, instructions for storage, usage and preparation, recipes, tips and warnings” peel and read labels from Readability.

Peel and read labels, also referred to as Peel and Reveal, multi-layer or extended content labels are a cost-effective way to increase the content of your label without altering its size, shape and overall appeal.

Reverse print Labels

“Ideal for promoting prizes and competitions, promotional codes and discount vouchers”

Reverse print labels are peelable labels printed on both sides. Once removed the label reveals the content printed on the back. Readability can supply this printed label format in any shape, size and colours that you require.

peel and read packaging

Tamper-proof labels

“A great anti-tamper deterrent”

Used where a product needs to be economically labelled to show evidence of opening or removal. Labels can be fully printed to your artwork on the face coat with a further option to print a void message on the reverse which will remain on the package.

tamper evident label


“Covert or overt security through the label”

Readability can print invisible UV onto your labels. The print is completely invisible to the naked eye although will be revealed clearly under UV light. Due to the often complex nature of security print labels we would prefer to discuss your requirements individually rather than explain the processes in detail on our website.

ultra violet security packaging

Printed labels FAQ

As the label comes off its roll does the wide or narrow edge come off the roll first?

In the label specifications the leading edge is determined by the first dimension given.

For example, a 30mm x 60mm would make this narrow edge leading.

60mm x 30mm means the wide edge will come off the roll first. Making it wide edge leading.

We can screen print a tactile warning triangle onto any label. Have a look at our page on Tactile Warning Labels which details the options available. You can also buy tactile warning triangles online.

Label Quote

If you already know what label you would like and just need a quote you can fill out a quick form or call us on 01440 712 273.

Ordering digital labels from Readability is simple, really simple. Call us on 01440 712 273 or email And you will be asked a few simple questions.

  • How many in total?
  • How many different artworks?
  • Dimensions of the label
  • Material choice
  • What are you applying the label to?
  • Does the label need to survive, heat, chemicals, oils or other non-standard conditions?
  • When do you need them?

We are committed to supplying you with a quality label, beautifully printed on one of our digital or flexo presses, made to your specifications. Should you have any further questions or need advice and assistance, contact Readability and one of our team will be happy to help.

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