Bottle and Jar Labels

Readability can supply labels to enhance any bottle.

Raised, tactile finishes on spirit labels, multi-ply labels on small bottles together with gloss, matte and soft touch finishes. The versatility of the digital presses and finishing lines allow us to offer incredibly bright, true colour labels to enhance your brand and offer outstanding shelf appeal.

  • Labels printed on rolls to your design
  • Choose a core size for your applicator
  • Choose how many labels on a roll
  • Waterproof labels
  • Include variable data
  • Peel and reseal labels
  • Wraparound labels
  • Plastic, Glass or Tins
  • Thermal overprint ready

Want to know how to get the best possible bottle label?

Please describe the label life to us in detail, answering questions like “What will the label be applied to? When, how and under what conditions is the label applied? How many, how quickly? How long does the label need to last? Do you ever need to remove it?” ….. & many more. We can then offer you the best advice on materials, finishes and design to help your label stand out.

Any bottle size 5ml to 100 Litre

Small Bottle Labels

10ml or smaller Micro Bottles – Made for industries like e-liquids and pharmaceuticals need special consideration. The tight circumference of the bottle and the importance of a truly legible label which MUST stay put require lighter coat weight materials and true manufacturing expertise.

Readability excels in this area having supplied well over 100 million labels to the e-liquid market.

We have developed a peel and reseal label especially for 10ml bottles that can have a tactile warning triangle integrated. We also have plain labels both single ply and peel and reseal, where we print the interior pages.

For smaller pharmaceutical bottle labels we can supply the correct specification to allow excellent adhesion with the ability to write on the surface if required.

Big Labels

Bigger labels tend to cause fewer issues. As with any label it is important to match the adhesive and face coat with the bottle substrate, storage conditions and required label life. We can assist and advise with this.

Variable Data

Flexible Digital Printing

Digital print allows variable designs and multiple sorts. The theoretical minimum order is one label. True personalisation is possible with each label being unique. Ask us for samples.

We can supply your labels ready for you to overprint variable date and batch codes using a thermal transfer printer.

Waterproof Bottle Labels

Synthetic Labels

All Readability’s waterproof labels are synthetic to withstand physical abrasion such as scratch and smudge as well as being resistant to liquids. These labels will withstand storage outside and even repeated exposure to hot water and chemicals.

Oil & Chemical Resistance

If looking for this please state in your printed label sample or quote request. Inform us about your industry requirements and more specifically what the label will be exposed to.

Labels can usually be made oil resistant. Chemicals are more complicated but as long as know what the label needs to resist we can offer a solution.

Industry & Label Solutions

All bottles can have a label printed no matter what they contain or the end use is. From high grade pharmaceutical labels to water and beer bottles.

water bottle
Water Bottles
beer bottle
Beer Labels
glass bottle
Glass Jars
cleaning bottles
Soap Bottles
gass bottles
medical bottles
Healthcare Labels

Bottle Label Options

tactile triangle - screen printed

Tactile Warning Triangle Labels

If you require your label to comply with BS11683 Readability can supply rolls of clear warning tactile triangles or integrate the tactile triangle directly on to your label. BS11683 is one of our areas of expertise. For more detailed information visit the Tactile Warning Labels page.

Peel back label

Peel and Reseal Labels

Add extra print area with our range of multilayer labels whilst maintaining your label design. This format allows your label to benefit from extended content without hindering its design, size or shape.For more detailed information contact us or visit our FAQ page. Peal and reseal