Chemical Labels

Readability digitally print chemical labels that are waterproof, weatherproof oil and chemical resistant. This is down to a expert lamination process.

  • No minimum order number
  • Attach to any bottle or container
  • Practical labels & Attractive Labelling
  • GHS labelling solutions
ghs chemical labels

Label Sample Pack

  • Paper, Vinyl, Gloss, Matt, Silk and Metallic Looks

    All materials and finishes are included in your sample pack

  • Print and reseal

    Increase your printing area and print on up to three layers. Peel and Reseal Infomation

  • Integrated Tactile Warning Label

    Save time and let us incorperate the needed tactile triangle warning label Tactile label information

  • E-liquid Cartons & Boxes

    Cartons for e-liquids will be included in your sample pack. We can do muster boxes too. Printed carton details

  • Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

    You will receive a folded leaflet known as a PIL. This means we supply the complete TPD packaging solution. Patient information leaflet details

You will want to see and feel the quality of labels and that’s why we recommend getting samples.Operations Manager. Philippa Griffin
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Chemical Labels For Tubs, Bottles and Tubes

Readability has printed labels for any condition, freezing or simmering even underwater. Labelling on digital presses means large setup costs which is essential on small volume orders and a bonus on larger orders. The saving is evident from the first switch to digital printing.

One important thing to consider are what release agent is being used on your bottles? We can advise you about how release agents can react with adhesives. Preventing any labels to falling off the containers at a later date. It will be likely that a trial run to check that everything is performing as expected.

GHS Labels

Global harmonisation system is used to identify the risks that the contents pose. We are familiar with how these can be overprinted using thermal printing or on your label or with them already included.

We guarantee an indelible, highly durable label. A cost-effective way of having a reliable supply of high quality and professional labels.

Integrated Tactile Labels

Tactile labels can be combined within the label itself. This means an end to separate application of label and tactile. This saves you time, money and enables you to get products to market quicker than ever before.

Integrated labels are compliant with ISO BS11683 regulations. An integrated label involves the raised triangle being screen printed onto your product label as a single process immediately after the label has been professionally printed.

integrated tactile on bottle

Packaging Essentials

Tactile Warning Triangle Labels

If you require your label to comply with ISO BS11683 Readability can supply rolls of clear warning tactile triangles or integrate the tactile triangle directly on to your label.ISO BS11683 is one of our areas of expertise. Tactile Warning Labels page.

Peel and Read Labels

Add extra print area with our range of multilayer labels whilst maintaining yourlabel design. This format allows your label to benefit from extended content without hindering its design, size or shape. Peel and reseal labels.

Patient Information Leaflet

As a cheaper alternative to peel and read labels our folded leaflets will allow you to display added information, visit the Patient information leaflets

Printed Cartons

Readability also supply printed cartons. This means you have just found one place to do supply all your packaging. Carton printing