Clear Labels

Achieve that no-label look and highlight the product. Great for brightly coloured liquids and gels and very popular for drinks and cosmetics where the product is the star.

  • Available in any size & shape
  • Clear glossy labels
  • Roll format for easy application
  • Water resistant & suitable for oils
  • Adhesive/ Reverse print available
  • Fully printed even with a tactile or a blank face suitable for printers
  • Colours backed up with white ensuring printed image is solid
clear labels

Printing clear labels

As standard our clear waterproof printed labels are finished and supplied on roll for ease of application. Core sizes are available to suit your label applicator. Sheet labels are available on request.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, in normal use, they will survive complete immersion and comfortably live in bathrooms and showers.

Labels for pouches

Pouches have become an extremely popular method of packaging products. Having a fully printed pouch is costly which can limit the number of editions required so a thin light weight fully printed clear PP label can be applied to the pouch. Using colours that contrast with the plain pouch creates the illusion of a fully print pouch at a fraction of the cost.

Completely Clear or Translucent Labels

It’s your choice, we have completely clear materials like the one shown above or frosted materials that allow some of the background through.

Inks can be used to create a translucent effect on a clear material too. This will need to be discussed with your account manager on sight of artwork.

Clear Glossy Finish?

Depending on the material used for the label they will a glossy or matte finish. You choose the finish to suit your brand.

Blank Clear Labels

Rolls or sheets suitable for your colour label printers such as the Epson C7500G.

Clear labels are suitable for;

E-Liquid Bottles

Show off the colour of the liquid inside the bottle and show how much is left inside. e-liquid labels


Got some funky colours that will stand out on the shelf? cosmetic labels

Food & Drink Labels

Do you have a star ingredient? Don’t go hiding it away food label printing