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  • Different label finishes and constructions

    Multi-layer labels, matte, glossy, laminated and clear labels


Choosing Readability as a print partner

Readability exists to help its customers by supplying quality labels meeting your specifications and high standards on time. While providing advice on creating the ideal label based on years of experience.

Ordering your labels from Readability is simple. Call us on 01440 712 273 or email our team.

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Clever label options

Self-adhesive custom printed labels (customised to your requirements)

Whatever you need on the substrate you want. Our production team are excellent at finding a way to produce the weird and wonderful. Why not give us a try next time your labels supplier says “not possible”?

Peel and Read labels

Ideal for promoting complementary products, listing ingredients, multilingual labelling, instructions for storage, usage and preparation, recipes, tips and warnings: peel and read labels from Readability.

Peel and read labels, also referred to as Peel and Reveal, multilayer or extended content labels are a cost effective way to increase the content of your label without altering its size, shape and overall appeal.

Reverse print Labels

Ideal for promoting prizes and competitions, promotional codes and discount vouchers.

Reverse print labels are peelable labels printed on both sides. Once removed the label reveals the content printed on the back. Readability can supply this printed label format in any shape, size and colours that you require.

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Is security a concern?

Tamper Evident Label

Contamination of products is something that the many industries fight daily, security labels can create an effective deterrent. Simple solutions like over the lid tamper evident tabs show if jars have been opened. Simple and effective.

Covert or Overt Security

simple tamper evident label

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