Cosmetic Label Printing

Custom cosmetics labels for jars, tins and bottles, printed professionally and beautifully.

Waterproof and oil-resistant labelling is no problem you can choose from a variety of finishes.

Please note that our minimum order quantity is 1,000 labels

  • Labels for any size or shape of bottle/tube
  • Wide range of finishes & formats
  • Wipe Clean & No Look Labels
  • Double Sided Labels
  • Cosmetic Label Sets

Would you like a sample pack?

  • Different label finishes and constructions

    Multil-layer labels, matte, glossy, laminated and clear labels

  • Clear labels - get the no label look

    Go all transparent with your next label, will you let the customer see inside?

  • Folded information leaflets

    Known officially as a patient information leaflets for any extra regulatory information needed

Scratch Resistant

When creating make-up labels we are aware that the label will undergo some rugged handling and remain looking its best, no label is 100% scratch proof but we produce many that have a durable top coat that withstands the hand bag, key pocket and fingernail tests.

Small Cylinders

For items that need a label wrapped around a tight cylinder like lipsticks and eye liner special considerations are taken into account to prevent flagging, material with a lighter face coat and overlapping edges will both help with this issue.


Waterproof labels for important those bathroom items, never a good look when your labels are breaking up, this is because the label was paper. Using a PP label will be waterproof and oil resistant.

High Quality

In this competitive industry the packaging must be as good as what is inside and achieving this is a Readability specialty. We know the exceptionally high standards required and how to deliver them. Your labelling concerns are over: from material choice to finishes, we have your back.

Label Finishes for Cosmetics

Laminated Labels
No, not the machine that sits in the corner of the office doing very little for you. It’s an over-layer that protects the label from grease and grime, an overlaminated label.

Normally this is done with a clear vinyl or polyester material, the end result makes the product stay looking great even if it has time in a slightly damp environment.

lamminated label roll
Clear labels get the no-label look
Growing in popularity in the beauty, cosmetic and personal care industries as they can give customers a look at the product inside when paired with a transparent bottle.
These clear labels can have either a glossy or matt finish and with this style of label it is possible to create the illusion that the printing is done directly on the bottles giving a premium appearance.

To achieve a professional clear no-label look, the choice of material needs to be joined with the correct liner and high clarity resistant adhesive.

no label look on shampoo bottle
Metallic printing
The added luxury of a highly metallic shine really catches the eye of customers. With the right artwork this finish can really make the chosen areas of the design pop out. Reflecting the light in gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent colours makes the label extra vibrant.
clear label eye lash

Choosing Readability as a print partner

Readability exists to help its customers by supplying quality labels meeting your specifications and high standards on time. While providing advice on creating the ideal label based on years of experience.

Ordering your labels from Readability is simple. Call us on 01440 712 273 or email our team.

Cosmetics Label Law

All these labels use British Standard cosmetic adhesive, this keeps the war paint on the shelf and clear of trouble.

You should also check out some specific information on cosmetic labelling regulations or guide to tactile warnings of danger that many make-up products seem to need. It may not be exciting, but it’s essential reading for you.

Chris Edney MD
make up label

Clever label options

Self-adhesive custom printed labels (customised to your requirements)

Whatever you need on the substrate you want. Our production team are excellent at finding a way to produce the weird and wonderful. Why not give us a try next time your labels supplier says “not possible”?

Peel and Read labels

Ideal for promoting complementary products, listing ingredients, multilingual labelling, instructions for storage, usage and preparation, recipes, tips and warnings: peel and read labels from Readability.

Peel and read labels, also referred to as Peel and Reveal, multilayer or extended content labels are a cost effective way to increase the content of your label without altering its size, shape and overall appeal.

Reverse print Labels

Ideal for promoting prizes and competitions, promotional codes and discount vouchers.

Reverse print labels are peelable labels printed on both sides. Once removed the label reveals the content printed on the back. Readability can supply this printed label format in any shape, size and colours that you require.

peel and read packaging

Is security a concern?

Tamper Evident Label

Contamination of products is something that the many industries fights daily, security labels can create an effective deterrent. Simple solutions like over the lid tamper evident tabs show if jars have been opened before, simple and an effective. However the simplicity means mimicking this is possible, so more advanced methods can be used.

Covert or Overt Security

Covert options are using UV, a thin layer is printed on to the labels and is completely invisible to the human eye. The only way of seeing this is to shine a UV light on this product to show the writing on the label.

Overt, or easily visible options such as the broken label, a simple adhesive label. Security labels are complicated and require some discussion to find the suitable methods for you.

simple tamper evident label

Choose Readability

As a Readability customer you can benefit from our extensive experience in printing labels and our understanding of your market. We appreciate your need for durability and aesthetic appeal. This requirement is fulfilled through the use of quality materials and inks that can withstand the effects of oils and cope with changes in storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

Readability Service Level Agreement

  • Artwork Proofs – Returned For Approval In 48 Hours
  • Best Value Pre-set Sizes Especially For 10ml Bottles
  • Clear & Simple Quotes – The price You See At The Bottom Of The Page Is What You Pay
  • If we say it works, it works. If not we fix it. No cost to you ever!

Tap into over two decades of know-how in combining different label materials and finishes to create a cosmetic label that connects with your target market. Choose from clear films, foil, holographic materials or semi-gloss vinyl and combine with a varnish, foil stamp, embossing or even a resin screen varnish to create the perfect.

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