E-liquid Labels

Readability supplies beautifully printed fully TPD compliant e-liquid labels. Labels can integrate the Tactile Warning of Danger required if nicotine is present. Peel & reseal labels give valuable extra print area to allow warnings and use instructions to be clearly displayed.

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  • 10ml E-juice Bottle Labels – TPD Ready Peel & Reseal Label
  • Gorilla bottle labels any size – Including popular 60ml bottle
  • Suitable for glass or plastic bottles
  • Wide range of materials
  • Varnished as standard for thermal overprinting
  • Juice proof and highly scratch resistant
  • Peel & reseal labels printed or plain
  • Lead time 5 working days

E-liquid Label Sample Pack

  • Different label sizes for 10,30,60 and 100ml bottles

    Choose a size to suit your brand requirements

  • Tactile warnings of danger

    “Normal size” 25mm and smaller 15mm stickers and a integrated option. Tactile label information

  • 10ml Peel and Reseal Labels

    Ideal for adding the extra information required by TPD legislation Peel and Reseal Information

  • Clear and metallic labels

    Use substrates and finishes to make your labels stand out

  • Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)

    If you need to put your bottle in a box a PIL will help you become TPD compliant Patient information leaflet details

Print your own E-liquid Bottle Labels

Print your own labels on a colour label printer. We supply blank inkjet labels resistant to e-juice. We have a blank face peel and reseal option too.

Blank Labels For Kiaro, Epson, Primera and other printers

blank labels

E-liquid Labels – Essential Information

Beautiful labels enhance the value of products, creating real shelf value. Catching the eye of customers and giving a premium first impression can lead to more sales.

You can specify custom sizes or we can use one of our set cutter sizes.

  • Suitable for all sizes of e-liquid bottles from 5ml upwards
  • Highly durable both juice and scratch-resistant print and strong adhesion
  • Can combine different materials and finishes to make your bottle stand out
  • Durable top coats for enhanced scratched resistance
  • Labels supplied on rolls for easy application.
  • Can withstand changes in temperature and humidity without adverse effect
  • Enable you to print variable information on your bottle labels

Overprinting & Variable Data

E-liquid labels are routinely supplied ready to overprint variable data. This can be for date, batch codes, nicotine strengths and even flavours. Using a thermal transfer printer with a resin ribbon will guarantee an indelible, juice-proof label. Thermal transfer overprinting is a great way of reducing the number of label sorts lowering your cost per label.

We can supply and set up your thermal printer. Using the correct ribbon so you can overprint the labels you need easily.

Alternatively, all variable information can come printed onto your labels. No over-printing or over-labelling necessary. A time-saving solution that benefits your product and overall enterprise.

TPD Compliant Tactile Labels

A 15mm circle with a 9mm triangle applied to the upright surface complies the TPD directive and with the regulation ISO BS11683.

Integrated labels are compliant with ISO BS11683 regulations. The triangle is screen printed onto your product label as a single process immediately after the label is printed.

Readability understand your e-juice must be ISO BS11683 and TPD compliant. An integrated tactile or a roll of clear warning triangles will achieve this. Both options are fully compliant and within tolerances set by the EU. ISO BS11683 is one of our areas of expertise.

integrated tactile label
Nicotine CLP Classifications: Remember the tactile must be on the upright handling surface of the bottle, not the bottle cap.

  • 1.7% Nicotine are ‘Toxic’;
  • Between 0.49% and 1.7% are Harmful;
  • Under 0.49% they are not classified

Peel & Reseal E-Liquid Label

The TPD regulation requires you to display more information with your bottle. Peel and reseal e-liquid labels add valuable extra print space. Everything required can be printed on one label, including an integrated tactile. This allows your label to benefit from having the extended content required without hindering design.

Read more about peel and reseal labels here

Labels Vs Leaflet (PIL)

As an alternative to peel and reseal labels our folded leaflets will allow you to display all the required information to be TPD compliant.

Patient Information Leaflet or Information For Use leaflets provide another solution for the UK for all e-liquids companies. They can provide all the essential information about intended use, dosages and any potential side effects. Read more about Patient information leaflets here

patient information leaflet

E-Liquid Labels Made Easy

As a Readability customer you can benefit from our extensive experience in printing e-liquid labels and our understanding of your market. We appreciate your need for durability and aesthetic appeal. This requirement is fulfilled through the use of quality materials and inks that can withstand the effects of e-juice and cope with changes in storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

Tap into over two decades of know-how in combining different label materials and finishes to create an e-liquid label that connects with your target market. Choose from clear films, foil, holographic materials or semi-gloss vinyl and combine with a varnish, foil stamp, embossing or even a resin screen varnish to create the perfect.

E-Liquid Bottle FAQ

Our e-liquid labels are always printed onto a synthetic label material such as Polypropylene (PP) with a strong permanent adhesive. The synthetic (PP) label resists tearing and the print is indelible. All our e-liquid labels are juice, highly-scratch-resistant and smudge proof.

This combination of label material and strong adhesive will stick to the bottle and should remain securely in place for the lifetime of the product.

For label to be TPD compliant the design must also be correct, we can provide you contacts for specialist designers that know the TPD regulations and label production.