Food Label Printing

Jams, juices, granules and powders in boxes, bottles and pouches all printed to your exacting stands ready for the shelf. Small or large volumes there’s a packaging option suitable for you available.

  • Waterproof and fridge and freezer ready
  • Food legislation compliant labels
  • Food grade adhesive labels
  • High Hygiene Service Available
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Ideal for food pouches
  • Free samples to illustrate finishes and materials
  • Print runs from 1000 labels
food label printed

Waterproof Food & Drink Labels

Waterproof film labels (PP polypropylene) and moisture resistant paper labels that have been laminated are available. Both the labels and adhesives used are waterproof. We then use digital printing and a finish that protects the ink on the label ensuring that the ink doesn’t smudge. There are different levels of waterproofness, from being resistant to a light sprinkle right up to the bottle and label being fully submerged.

Fridge and freezer proof, a similar idea being able to withstand being put in a fridge is fairly standard and doesn’t usually need a special label. That said if you expect a lot of condensation on the side a bottle you may wish to upgrade from base label. For those that need freezing or could be placed in an icebox and you want the label to remain intact and looking its best then you will want to specify this when you ask for a quote.

Now Get Creative

Now you know the type of label you need it your opportunity to get creative with a unique and vibrant label that will show off your brand. Craft creative a unique label. With the benefit of our labelling expertise in the food and drink industry, gained over the last 23 years, you can now have the perfect label for your product.

Aesthetic appeal is a priority as is compliance with any legislative obligations however your labels should also be durable and fit for purpose. We meet this requirement by using rigorously tested materials and label print techniques.

Labels for food pouches

Food pouches have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years but fully printed pouches are not cost-effective in lower volumes. Minimum order quantities for printed version vary but typically if it's less than 1000 you will likely be looking at over £1 per pouch.

Many businesses choose to use plain pouches then label them, at the start by hand than with an application machine. This is a much more cost-effective solution for lower volume users. One of our clients calculated that they would need to have 12,000 fully printed pouches per edition to make the switch, they still use a plain pouch and a label with an automatic application system.

Tamper Evident Seals for food

Tamper evident labels for jars, boxes and cartons are available. For anything with a twisty top, these can be of the lollypop type design that breaks as someone twists the lid so making it obvious that someone has opened the container. Be warned, make sure these do actually tear otherwise its all to easy to some put them back on, this is done by ensuring a suitable material and adhesive are used and proper application of the complete label.

Other forms of tamper evidence can include the well known "void if removed" placed on the label making it impossible to remove without it being obvious to end user.

An ultra destructible label that falls apart if someone picks at the edges whilst chunks of the label remains in place.

Finally, holographic labels that cant be seen by the plain eye, but your sellers can check that your hologram is on the label as a sign of authenticity.

All of these tamper-evident labels will reduce the risk of your products being meddled with once they leave your production site. However, they are not a one-hit solution to securing your products against fraud and counterfeiting and all security labels will require procedures in place to be more effective.

Hot filling products?

To keep production lines moving labeling and hot filling in close order required. If this is the case you must inform us of this as different label adhesives will be needed.

Peel & Reseal Labels

If you would like to use the label on your fine food and drink to communicate more than just the basic information to the consumer our multilayer Peel and Reseal, also known as Peel and Reveal, labels will help you achieve just that. You can increase your content in the same amount of space by using a Peel and reseal Label. The extra print space can be used for compliance or for marketing purposes to provide further information on the company or products you create, for example, provenance, ingredients, allergy warnings and recipes.

Ethical Labels

FSC Certified Labels

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Certified Labels.

If environmental awareness is a key part of your philosophy and marketing then you may wish to opt for our FSC and PEFC certified labels. These labels provide an ideal solution for those customers wishing to continue their recycled and/or sustainability credentials through from their product to their packaging.

The FSC accreditation is only awarded once all the participants in the label chain, from the forest through to the end user, have been certified by the FSC. Our master roll self-adhesive label manufacturer partner gained the FSC quality seal and the labels they supply are all made in an FSC approved facility.

Food Packaging Supplies

Printed Cartons

Printed cartons can make a product look extra premium.


Printed or plain with labels both offer the space saving packaging advantage.

Peel and reseal?

Make space for added value content like recipe ideas


Thermal printing with ribbons or full custom labels with inkjet label printers

Print Your Own

Easily print your labels print your own with an colour label printer. The Epson colorworks range provides a full colour in-house printing.


The Epson C3500 prints good quality low volume on a wide variety of media ideal for bespoke orders.


Bigger is better with the C7500 series that prints high volume high quantity labels nearly as good as our main digital printing presses.

Both of these can deal with variable data printing to high enough quality for bar coding used in retailing industrial and pharmaceutical environments these printers bring a huge amount of versatility and are ideal for you if you have mid-volume/wide-range mix.

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