Metallic Look Labels

Metallic look labels can be created either by using specialist inks or by printing onto a metallic coloured label such as silver pp or brushed chrome. There effects really draw the eye and can create a foiling effect without the added cost.

The labels on the left are created on silver PP with specialised inks. The gold areas are produced by printing yellow ink onto the silver label. You will see how the gold areas on the label shine.

The silver/white lightning impact is enhanced by the material and the print areas. To take a look in 3D and feel the quality please request a sample pack or call in and speak to one of our label experts.

  • Available in any size & shape
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Adhesive/ Reverse print available
  • Digital metallic inks
  • Permanent and Removable adhesives available

Printing metallic effect labels

Creating a metallic effect on a label can be done in a number of ways, brushed chrome or silver material can be selected or metallic inks could be used or alternatively foil stamping may be the solution if label volume and design are suitable.

Our range of metallic inks & materials is growing to offer you even more choices when designing your label.

Decision making on Metallic Materials

Ideally talk to us and send us your artwork. If you can describe the look you are trying to achieve for your labels we can talk you through the options and send you examples of work to prove the quality.

Gold and silver label materials are available, note add this to your sample pack requests as the use of gold, silver and brushed chrome are is more limited than the more common materials.

Metallic Inks?

Metallic inks for digital press have become ever more common, these create the metallic effects in gold, silver and copper.

Foiled labels

Hot and cold foiling have moved on in recent years and incredible effects and tactile finishes can be produced to boost the premium feel.

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Gold Labels

The gold effect is produced by layer a yellow ink over the bright silver material. As with the white area, but in this case to ‘mask’ the metallic effect we lay down 2 hits of white.

These labels are included in a sample pack for metallic labels.

Silver Labels

The metallic effect is produced be laying down the inks of the different colours straight into the bright silver material. If any areas are needed to be non-metallic then we lay down layers of white, to kill back the metallic of the material.

Both labels were then sealed with an overall varnish to complete the look.

Metallic effects for:

E-Liquid Bottles

Brushed chrome labels are highly appealing for e-liquid labels


Silver lettering on a clear label material for a stylish cosmetic labels

Food & Drink Labels

Do you have a star ingredient? Don’t go hiding it away food label printing