Peel and Reseal Labels

Peal and reseal labels create extra pages for you to print information on. Also known as piggyback or multi-layer labels. These are ideal to place print extra information on. Great for small bottle labels needing large quantities of text. Such as e-liquid labels.

  • Available in any size
  • Suitable for all products including bottles and cartons
  • Available in material types to suit your application
  • Different print finishes can be applied matte, gloss, spot varnish, specialised ink
  • Increased print area with up to 5 pages
  • Fully printed with a tactile or a blank face suitable for printers
  • Suitable for box labels too
peel and read labels
For e-liquids this is a possible alternative to a printed carton and a patient information leafletOperations Manager. Philippa Griffin

Peel Back Labels

However they are described our peel and reseal labels open and shut. This means after being opened users are able to close the top layer back and they will retain the quality look and feel. Unlike peel and reveal labels that won’t close up again.

small resealable label
  • Suitable for all sizes of e-liquid bottles
  • Durable labels designed to withstand oils and chemicals
  • Ideal for TPD compliance or warning texts
  • These labels are suitable for overprinting variable data using thermal transfer printers
  • Printers and thermal transfer ribbons suitable for finishing labels are available from stock.
  • Variable information can be over- printed onto your label.

Your Peel and Reseal Labels

Making sure that all your artwork is print ready and is suitable for a peel and reseal label is essential. The front page artwork and up to two more pages. Face, reverse of face & base of label.

Digital print allows you to create multiple variations. This means one can offer greater variety to customers and remain competitive.

As a Readability customer you can benefit from our extensive experience in label printing. Labels are produced for both durability and aesthetic appeal. We use high quality materials and inks that can withstand the effects of customer handling, product spills, moisture and extended storage conditions where temperature and humidity may not be controlled.

Readability Label Solutions has over 20 years of supplying labels and we know how to deliver cost effective labels and solutions on time.

Fully Printed Peel and Reseal

Printing all layers and can include a integrated tactile label included. The tactile label is only used where a requested on products that require this on the handling surface.

Blank Faced Peel and Reseal

The inside layers are come printed and the label is run through a Kiaro printer to give you a finished label. This is in response to the increasing amount of legislation that is required on labels. When large chunks of this can be standardised for many different variations.

Peel and Reseal is suitable for;

e-liquid label

E-Liquid Bottles

If you are selling e-liquids the TPD details the information required on the product can fit on a 10ml bottle with our peel and reseal. See more about e-liquid labels

make up set


Cosmetics labelling is very broad but some products may need to carry an extra layer of information for end users. See more about cosmetic labels

drink labels

Food & Drink Labels

Special offers, promotions can be revealed with a label peeling back. food label printing

Other Printing Options


Patient Information Leaflet

As an alternative to peel and reseal labels our folded leaflets will allow you to display all the needed information, see more about Patient information leaflets

carton box

Printed Cartons

Readability also supply printed cartons suitable for virtually anything. Making Readability one of the few companies that supply a complete packaging solution. Look at some carton printing

Peel & Reseal Labels FAQ