Printed Paper Labels for Food & Drinks

Readability supplies premium printed labels to your design. The choice of finishes and embellishments truly offer your product outstanding shelf appeal. Ask for a sample pack today to see the quality for yourself.

  • Free PDF print proofs
  • Full-colour digital of flexo printing
  • Variety of paper materials, inc plain white and kraft
  • Rapid turnaround time from three days

Digital or Flexographic label printing available

Depending on your label quantities and design your labels will be printed digitally or flexo. In most cases, we will advise early on when quoting, based on quantities and designs ideas. Should your labels be in the middle ground for digital or flexo printing we can always quote and provide print proofs for both.

Contact us to discuss your label requirements. There is no hard and fast rule to push you towards digital print over flexo but usually, volume v number of sorts/designs plays a part in the decision making. HP Indigo digital presses give the most vibrant colours and can match or exceed flexo quality without the need for costly plates.

With both high-quality print methods available we can provide prompt pricing and guide you in the right direction for your project.

Finishes and Enhancements

To make your brand stand out on the crowded shelf why not discuss the myriad options to enhance the label with one of the following finishes.
  1. Metallic or holographic foiling adding security features and shine to the label
  2. Spot varnishes to make parts of the label really "pop"
  3. Textured papers to give that quality and "aged" feel
  4. Peel & reseal labels to give more information where space is limited
  5. 2D & QR codes for marketing and smartphone use to take you directly to websites and promotions

Almost limitless shapes and sizes

Whatever you need to label and however you would like the label to look we can use digital or conventional die-cutters to generate the required shape. Be as creative as you like. Some common shapes include.

  • Circle labels - Base or lid topping labels
  • Rectangle labels - Main bottle label
  • Lollipop labels - Ideal low-level tamper proofing
  • Oval labels - Alternative main label shape

Label Adhesives

Paper labels can be made with any adhesive. The choice is dependant on the product to which the labels are applied, how long they need to last, the conditions of manufacture and storage and the ultimate need to remove or recycle the label.
  • Deep Freeze - For temperatures below minus 10
  • Removable - From easy peel leaving no residue to standard peel off labels
  • Standard Permanent - Used for most labels
  • High Tack - sticking to a tricky surface such as car tyres or condensation.

Waterproof or splashproof?

For waterproof labels you would require a synthetic label material rather than paper materials. However, water resistance can be gained by using a varnish or even over-laminating the labels.

Paper label FAQ

Paper labels are available at lower cost and will survive well in most environments. Meanwhile a plastic or synthetic material like polypropylene (PP) would offer a more resilient label.