Waterproof Label Solutions

Waterproof labels are just as you would imagine. Ideal for use on products that will get wet and designed to resist chemical spills.

Waterproof labels and stickers are perfect for printed product labels on items as diverse as shampoo or shower gel bottle labels and vape e-liquid bottles and chemical drums. Pre-printed labels are printed using inks that won't run when wet, materials that won't fragment or adhesives that survive immersion.

Weather Resistant labels

If you are labelling chemical drums you need to conform to BS5609, we can assist either with pre-printed labels or supplying an Epson printer, inks and labels.

If you require labels for general outdoor use, we can use our label expertise to make a material and adhesive choice to suit.

Water Resistant Product Labels

Using polypropylene labels printed with waterproof inks and adhesives. These are suitable for shampoos, drinks and any other product that may get moist or wet.

These labels would survive complete immersion, showers and are virtually indestructible in normal use.

1) We can supply fully printed labels to your design specifications, fully BS5609 compliant if needed.

2) We can supply you with the Epson Colorworks series label printer, and our inkjet polypropylene labels. If BS5609 is needed you will require the tested and approved version of the Epson Matte PE labels.

3) For some label types thermal transfer printing may be suitable either on its own or combined with a pre-printed label.

Key Considerations

Regardless of the solution pathway these are key aspects to consider.

Label Materials

The synthetic materials used such as polypropylene, polyethylene and vinyl are flexible, print receptive and highly resistant to the elements.

Gloss paper with a varnish is splash proof but could not be described as water resistant.


Pre-printed labels come with a degree of UV-resistance included, please discuss your label life with us prior to order. Epson Durabrite inks are also advertised as waterproof. Resin thermal ribbons also have water and UV resistance.


Specifying the correct adhesive to suit the conditions the label will face throughout it's intended life is vitally important. The range of adhesives these days is so wide we can be certain to offer the most suitable combination of adhesive and face coat to suit your labelling needs.