Tactile Warning Labels

If you manufacture/supply any products that are ‘toxic’, ‘very toxic’, ‘harmful’, ‘extremely flammable’ or ‘corrosive’ to the public. You may require a tactile warning label. These allow the blind and visually impaired to know about the product effects, and you to comply with BS/ISO11683.

  • BS11683 compliant
  • Available in 2 sizes – 15mm and 25 mm
  • Ready for machine or hand application
  • Integrated tactile triangle option

Made to European Standard BS – EN – ISO 11683

Prices from 0.0038 per label*

*Based on 200,000 15mm labels. **Okay so it’s £12.08 on 25mm labels

Does your product need a tactile warning of danger?


Tactile Rolls Benefits

  • Applied to existing labels

    No redesign as clear labels don’t impede design.

  • Ordered from UK stock

    Order before 12:00 for next working day delivery.

  • Cost saving?

    Cost saving on short runs

  • Simple soloution

    Easy to fix to labels and become compliant.

Integrated Tactile Benefits

  • Job Done Quicker

    Only one application of label to bottle.

  • It's ONE order, not two

    Save time on admin and applying the tactile.

  • Cost Saving?

    Cheaper if option if you print a larger volume

  • Simple & Elegant

    Machine applied integrated tactile looks far slicker. Print and apply systems

Choose Readability for Tactile Warning Labels

Need to be BS or ISO11683 compliant?

Car wax, shoe polish and e-liquids are just some of the industries that have to be aware of this legislation. You need not fear as Readability has a solution for you.

We offer two compliant solutions and guarantee the readability of your label will not be compromised by the product warning labels we supply. In fact; we can even enhance your artwork with an integrated tactile label without any changes to the design of your product label.

Clear Tactile Warning Labels

Applying the raised triangle labels on existing packaging is simple and cost effective. A label redesign is not required and the raised triangle labels are available from stock. The result, whilst compliant, could have a negative impact on the way your label looks and will require an additional process as the triangle labels have to be applied separately.

clear tactile warning label

Rolls of clear Tactile Triangle Labels are available from stock in two sizes, either a 9mm (15mm sticker) or 18mm (25mm sticker) sided triangle and can be used for an manual or automatic label application. The raised triangles are supplied on a clear circular label which is applied over the printed label. Transparency means there is little danger of obscuring text or printed warning symbols.

A black line sensor mark is printed onto the backing paper of the labels to ensure good label sitting for machine application.

These labels, and all our labels are manufactured in the UK.

Ensuring consistency

Our screen printing equipment allows us to print the exact heights and length. As we know the importance of being within the tolerance stated, our Quality Control staff check a sample of labels produced on every run for the height and length of the triangle.

Integrated Tactile Warning Labels

The Integrated Triangle Warning Labels are compliant with legislation and are more aesthetically pleasing, with an attractive look and feel which can actually enhance your product. The integration of the raised triangle into the product label removes the requirement for a separate application process, saving time.

integrated tactile warning label

Integrated Tactile Warning Labels are available to order. An integrated label involves the raised triangle being screen printed onto your product label as a single process immediately after the label has been professionally printed.

Choosing between Clear and Integrated Tactile Warning Labels

Your best option will depend on a number of factors such as the volume of product handled and the diversity of your product range:

About Tactile Triangles & EN ISO 11683 (2018)

    • Present on handling surface – not removed in use
    • Appear as a Equilateral Triangle:
      • 16-20mm long 1.5-1.9mm thick
      • 8-10mm long and 0.8-1.2mm thick
      • Solid 3-4mm triangle
      • 0.5mm Dots between 4-9mm apart center to center
      • Not required on outer packaging
    • Not placed near embossed surfaces that could cause confusion
    • Remain tactile throughout product life

It should be noted that the warning should be the normal size (16-20mm) where possible, reduced down to 9mm, 3mm when these and the dots are not physically possible.

  • Packaging with a base
    • Tactile Placed On upright surface
    • Apex of triangle within 50mm of bottom or near as possible or lid if there is no bottom
  • No base: Tubes/cartridges
    • Placed on shoulder around tube or nozzle.
    • Aerosols placed where the finger is placed to operate the spray
  • Full opening: Twisty top
    • As near as possible to the opening

Tactile Labels FAQ

Tactile warning triangle labels are used to help blind people or people with a visual impairment distinguish dangerous or hazardous substances from harmless ones. The tactile warning label consists of a raised equilateral triangle or 3 raised dots forming the points of an equilateral triangle as specified by BS EN ISO 11683: 1997.
Preparations sold to the public that are labelled as ‘very toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘toxic’, ‘harmful’ or ‘extremely flammable’ must by law have a tactile warning label on their packaging to alert the blind or partially sighted that they are handling a dangerous product.

ECha Europa write guidelines for what requires a tactile warning of danger.

Yes, the growing e-cigarette liquid suppliers market is required to label their bottles of e-cig liquid with tactile warning triangle labels. Manufacturers of paint thinners and powerful cleaning materials are also required to have the tactile danger warning labels.

Under the CLP regulations E-liquid mixtures classified as toxic or harmful need a tactile, anything over 0.49% nicotine.

Industries and Example Companies using either a 25mm or 15mm circle label

E-liquids – Bowmans E-Liquds

Super Glues – Gorilla Glue

Car Polish – Autoglym

Spirit Gum – Snazaroo Spirit Gum

You must ensure that any products you sell to the public which are covered by the legislation have a tactile warning of danger in the form of a raised triangle label.

There are two options available:

  • You can purchase rolls of clear tactile warning labels and affix them to your packaging and containers as an addition to your existing warning labels.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for an integrated warning triangle label. The raised triangle is then an integral part of your product label. This is achieved by screen printing a raised triangle as a single process immediately after the packaging label has been professionally printed.
Tactile warning labels are for products that fit into CLP categories and will be sold as a retail item in the EU.

See list of CLP categories needing a tactile warning of danger here.

Sorry that’s like asking for the secret recipe. It took over a year for our printers to learn how to keep the height within tolerance required.

Our team is well versed in ISO 11683 and why it’s an absolute must. Sometimes local trading standards don’t know all the caveats, solid 9mm triangle, 1mm high on a 10ml bottle perfectly fine, we were challenged by an trading standards officer, we spoke sent a relevant excerpt from the ISO 11683, and he was happy.

This was with one of our biggest customers, in February 2018.