Peelable Label Packaging

Peelable labels can be placed on a product and removed easily. This can be used a resealable tab.

Alternatively these can have multiple layers with only the base layer being attached and the hinge using a permanent adhesive.

peelable label on a bottle
single layer label to reseal a packet

Labels For Resealable Tabs

Let your customers open and shut packets with a label. Used to keep the lids on after packets and cartons are opened for the first time.

Multilayer Labels

Promotions, information and regulations are all reasons that you may need more layers to your label. These can be called many things but they all work in similar way, with a hinge made of permanent adhesive.

multilayer label on cosmetic pots
wraparound label on a bottle

Wraparound Labels

Don’t like the hinge? What about around a label that that wraps around on its self.

Tamper Evident Labels


wraparound label on a bottle