102mm x 76mm Paper Eco Direct Thermal 19mm Core

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  • Material Type: Paper Eco Direct Thermal
  • Labels per roll:200
  • Rolls in box:16
  • Total Labels: 3200
  • Core Size: 19mm
  • Winding: O/S
  • Blackeye Mark: No

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Material Specification: Eco Thermal
Face / Label Material
General characteristicsHigh sensitivity thermal economy coated paper
Grammage (gr/m2)75
Calliper (µm)81
Dry opacity (%)90
General characteristicsPermanent acrylic water based adhesive. Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including non-polar surfaces. The adhesive has ISEGA approval and can be used for direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty foodstuffs.
Labelling temperature (℃)>5℃
Usage temperature (℃)-35℃/+60℃
General descriptionSupercalendered glassine paper
Grammage (gr/m2)60