Ice Zodiac Compatible Ribbons

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Near Edge, Wax-Resin ribbon suitable for printing barcodes on flexible packing using Ice Zodiac coding printers.

PrinterMinMax Ribbon Width
Pegasus HS (32mm)20mm35mm
Zodiac HS (53mm)20mm55mm
Zodiac HS LA (107mm)55mm110mm
Hawk (53mm)20mm55mm1200m


Near Edge – Outside – Wax-Resin

The RPS Near Edge wax-resin flexible packaging (FP) ribbon is designed to print dense barcodes on flexible packaging.

Designed specifically to work with near edge printers in high volume labelling situations, such as print and applications. Using a low print energy to provide consistent print quality and clean dot edges for dense barcodes. Ensure your labels are read on a wide range of media at high speeds.


  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Horticulture
  • Transportation
  • Fresh Fruit/Produce
  • Metals
  • Lumber
  • Industrial
  • Flex Packaging
  • Warehouse


  • Low printhead energy
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Print flexibility
  • High-density print
  • Anti-static PrintheadSaver®
  • Coating for printhead protection


  • Papers Uncoated, Coated, Card
  • Synthetics Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC


  • Carrier 4.5µm Polyester μm
  • Thickness < 8.0 µm
  • Color Black
  • Ink melting point 70O C
  • Optical density (transmission) > 0.80
  • Optical density (reflective) > 1.60

100% Guarantee

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