Zebra Compatible Ribbons

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Flathead – Outside – Resin Enhanced Wax

Using a multi-purpose barcode ribbon that gives excellent results on a wide range of media. A high-quality economical solution for most applications. Capable of operating at a low energy setting extending printhead life with a high-quality print. Coming with an anti-static coating and high sensitivity inks.

Label & Ribbon for ZT610, ZT510

Min Max
Ribbon Width 51mm 110mm
Max Ribbon Length 450m
Label Width 20mm 114 mm

Label & Ribbon for 110Xi4, 105SLPlus, R110XI4

Min Max
Ribbon Width 20mm 110mm
Label Width 20mm 114 mm

Min/Max Label & Ribbons for ZT410, ZM400

Min Max
Ribbon Width 51mm 110mm
Label Width 25.4mm 114 mm

Min/Max Label & Ribbons for ZT420

Min Max
Ribbon Width 51mm 174mm
Label Width 51mm 171mm

Min/Max Label & Ribbons for ZT210, ZT220 max length 300m, ZT230, S600

Min Max
Ribbon Width 40mm 110mm
Label Width 20mm 114mm

Min/Max Label & Ribbons for 140Xi4, ZT620

Min Max
Ribbon Width 40mm 130mm
Label Width 40mm 140mm

Min/Max Label & Ribbons for 170Xi4

Min Max
Ribbon Width 51mm 170mm
Label Width 51mm 180mm

Min/Max Label & Ribbons for 220Xi4

Min Max
Ribbon Width 108mm 220mm
Label Width 108mm 224mm
220mm Ribbons available for Zebra 220Xi4


  • Warehouse
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Horticulture
  • Transportation
  • Fresh Fruit/Produce


  • Low printhead energy
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Print flexibility
  • High-density print
  • Anti-static PrintheadSaver®
  • Coating for printhead protection


  • Papers Coated
  • Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC


  • Carrier 4.5µm Polyester μm
  • Thickness < 8.0 µm
  • Color Black
  • Ink melting point 70O C
  • Optical density (transmission) > 1.30
  • Optical density (reflective) > 1.30

100% Guarantee

Readability has a 100% guarantee on all our ribbons, if they are found at fault we will replace or refund no quibble. If you can’t find a suitable size please contact us 01440 712 273