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Tactile Warning Triangle Labels

Tactile Warning Labels are self adhesive raised clear triangles, which alert blind or partially sighted users that they are handling a dangerous or hazardous product.

By law, packaging for products labelled as ‘very toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘toxic’, ‘harmful’ or ‘extremely flammable’ must carry a tactile warning triangle.

We supply tactile warning labels in rolls of clear triangles for application to existing labels, or as all-in-one fully integrated warning labels.

Tactile warning triangle rolls

Our tactile warning triangle labels are available from stock in two sizes:

  • 9mm tactile triangles (on 15mm clear circular sticker) in rolls of 2500
  • 18mm tactile triangles (on 25mm clear circular sticker) in rolls of 2500

The tactile warning label consists of a raised equilateral triangle or 3 raised dots as specified by EN ISO 11683 (2018) (view our FAQs) and can be applied manually or by machine over the existing printed label.

Products used for cleaning, glues, flammable aerosols, shoe polish, e-liquids and many others are subject to CLP regulations and must carry tactile labels.

Buy Tactile Warning Triangles

  • Applied to existing labels
    No redesign necessary as the tactile label is clear so does not impede design
  • Available from UK stock
    Order before 12:30 for next working day delivery
  • Cost effective
    Cost savings even on short runs
  • Simple solution
    Fix to existing labels for easy label compliance

Order and delivery

  • Next working day delivery for £10 (UK-mainland)
  • Same day dispatch on orders placed before 12:30 (Mon-Fri)
  • Delivery anywhere in the EU
  • Delivered on rolls of 2,500
  • Volume discounts available

Integrated tactile labels

For a more aesthetically attractive look and feel, integration of a raised tactile triangle into the product label removes the requirement for a separate label application process, saving time. The raised triangle is screen printed onto your product label as a single process.

  • Single process
    Integrated tactile triangle means only one label is applied to the bottle
  • Single order
    Save administration time by placing just one order
  • Cost savings available
    Cheaper option in larger volumes
  • Simple and elegant
    Machine-applied integrated tactile looks slicker

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Tactile Warning Labels FAQs

What are the benefits of tactile warning triangle rolls?

  • Can be applied to existing labels

No redesign is necessary because the label is clear so does not impede design

  • Available fast from UK stock

Order before 12:30 for next working day delivery

  • Cost effective

For short label runs

  • A simple solution

Easy to fix to existing labels for quick compliance.

What are the benefits of integrated tactile warning labels?

  • Single label for faster production

The integrated tactile warning means only one label is required

  • Single order, single transaction

Save time on administration and application of the tactile warning triangle

  • Cost saving

Cheaper option larger volumes are required

  • Simple and elegant

Machine applied integrated tactile label looks far slicker.

Why choose Readability for your tactile warning labels?

Readability can help you with ISO 11683:1997 compliance. Our tactile warning label solutions are guaranteed not to compromise your existing product labels.

In fact, we can even enhance your artwork with an integrated tactile label without any changes to the design of your product label.

Please note that you can’t put a tactile label through an inkjet label printer. Thermal transfer printing is fine, however the raised area cannot be printed.

When should I use clear tactile warning labels?

If you have existing packaging or labels which you don’t want to redesign, applying raised triangle labels is simple and cost effective.

Can I buy tactile warning triangles from stock?

Yes. Rolls of clear tactile triangle labels are available from stock in two sizes:

  • 9mm triangle on a 15mm diameter circular sticker
  • 18mm tactile triangle on a 25mm sticker

These raised triangles can be applied manually or automatically over the printed label and are supplied on a clear circular label, to avoid obscuring text or printed warning symbols.

How do you ensure label consistency?

Our screen-printing equipment allows us to print to exact heights and length. The triangle build height and tolerances are crucial, so quality control checks are carried throughout the process to ensure the labels are compliant to ISO 11683:1997.

Do you supply integrated tactile warning labels?

Yes. Our integrated tactile warning labels are compliant with ISO 11683:1997 legislation and are more aesthetically pleasing than triangles alone. Integrated labels incorporate a screen-printed raised triangle onto your product label as a single process immediately after the label is printed.

The integration of the raised triangle into the product label removes the requirement for a separate label application process, saving time and enhancing the look and feel of your product.

How do I choose between rolls of clear tactile triangles and integrated warning triangle labels?

Your choice will depend on factors such as product volume and the diversity of your product range. For assistance with your decision, contact us.

What does ISO 11683:1997 regulation say about tactile warning triangles?

  • Must be present on handling surface – not removed in use
  • Must appear as an equilateral triangle:
    • 16-20mm long x 1.5-1.9mm thick
    • 8-10mm long x 0.8-1.2mm thick
    • Solid 3-4mm triangle
    • 0.5mm dots 4-9mm apart centre to centre
    • Not required on outer packaging
  • Must not be placed near embossed surfaces that could cause confusion
  • Must remain tactile throughout the product life
  • Warning triangle should be normal size (16-20mm) where possible, reduced to 9mm or even 3mm when neither these nor the dots are physically possible
  • Packaging with a base:
    • Place on the upright surface
    • Apex of triangle must be within 50mm of the bottom, as near as possible or on lid if there is no bottom
  • Packaging with no base e.g. tubes, cartridge:
    • Place on the shoulder around the tube or nozzle
    • On aerosols, place where the finger operates the spray
  • Full opening twistable top:
    • Place as near as possible to the opening.
  • View our FAQs for BS ISO 11683 Tactile Labels

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