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Integrated Tactile Warning Label

We do enjoy a challenge at Readability and over the last 23 years we have had some interesting conversations with customers about their more unusual labelling requirements.One of those conversations occurred in March 2014 when Philippa took a call from a company in the US who required warning labels to use on products exported to the UK and Europe.

Building on its success in the US the company was developing a growing UK and European market for its products and was aware of the need for specialist labelling in order to comply with the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) Regulation and BS11683.

Under the CLP legislation if you are a manufacturer or importer of chemicals you must classify, label and package your products appropriately before they go to market. Manufacturers must also add their products to the Classification and Labelling Inventory.

BS 11683 is the standard that sets out to protect people who are blind or visually impaired when they are handling packaging for substances and preparations that could be potentially harmful or dangerous. Many day to day products, such as household cleaning materials, glue, pest killers and e-liquids, are covered by BS 11683 and have to be labelled with a tactile warning triangle.

Readability to the rescue!
After an unsuccessful search for a supplier in the US the company found Readability from a Google Search for tactile warning labels.

Having supplied tactile warning triangles for many years to companies in the UK that needed to conform to the CLP Regulation and BS 11683 we knew exactly what was required to make the US-based company’s compliance problem go away! The first roll of 2500 tactile warning labels were shipped from stock that day.

Fast forward to 2016 and our relationship has grown in line with the company’s continued success in the UK and Europe. The most recent order supplied directly to the US was for 200,000 tactile warning labels.

What is a tactile warning label?

Tactile Warning Label

In its simplest format, it is a circular transparent, clear label with a raised equilateral triangle that is applied, from a roll, to the printed label already on the packaging. The labels are available from stock in two sizes – 9mm or 18mm. They can be applied by hand or automatically.

Tactile warning labels can also be printed as an integral part of your printed label. This option provides a more aesthetically pleasing solution and is a cost effective approach for larger volumes. Integrated tactile warning labels are made to order.

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Need help or want to see some samples?
Call Philippa on 01440 712 273 if you would like more information on tactile warning triangles or integrated tactile warning labels. To order a free sample pack simply complete the Request a Sample form and a lovely bright yellow envelope will drop through your letterbox very soon.