Security Labels

Fakes ruin reputations, so we create secure labelling. Give customers and retailers in authenticity with these simple solutions.

Security can be integrated into labels cost effectively.

  • Anti Counterfeiting Labels, with features hard to reproduce.
  • Tamper Evident Labels, based on destructible papers and films
  • Covert & Overt Security, including uv printing
  • Hologram Labels
securty labels

Simple Secure Labels

Protecting your brand has never been so important, we aim to provide a simple solution for all our customers.

Chris Edney MD

Security Label Types

Numbered Labels (Barcodes)

Not glamorous but you need this. Retailers will need this for stock keeping purposes and every label will be different which means you either need the number or bar code printed at source, or applied using a label later on.

We need to tell you more about numbered labels and bar codes.

bar code label

Asset Labels

Keep track of important items in your company with these easy to use labels. They come in many different formats with vinyl, Polypropylene, 3M Polyester and Anodised Aluminium all have different uses and will last better at certain temperatures and application on different materials.

white asset label

Hologram Labels

These really stand out in the crowd and can have a choice of standard designs or something completely unique for you. They are very popular choices for warranty stickers.

Holograms can be integrated into labels using hot foil stamping, which is generally considered much more secure than using a labeling machine.

holographic labels

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Forensic Covert Labels – Overt Labels

Forensic Labels

Few people will ever know about these feature on products and they require specialist equipment to check.

Covert Labeling

Customers will need readers to check security features.

Semi-Covert Labeling

Most people will be able to see the security features be able to make checks.


Anyone can see the features and are a visible deterrent to people.

forensic to overt labels explained

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper evident labels or anti tamper labels for jars, bottles, pots and pans or more general warranty stickers. Most products need some tamper proofing to ensure the integrity of a product. From the strips that wrap around the top of a jam jar to those that will fall apart if you try remove them.

Tamper Evident Destructible Labels labels that can’t be removed without falling apart. Made from vinyl they split when pulled off from the surface they were applied to. These can be used for barcodes, sequential numbering and images on the white background.

Closure seals these simple labels top many a condiment jar. When you turn the lid they break showing that the product has been opened… simple and have been used for years.

ultra violet security packaging

UV Label Printing

Covert options includes UV print which is printed on to the labels and is completely invisible to the human eye. The only way of seeing this is to shine a UV light on this product to show the writing on the label.

UV labels printing

Security Labels FAQ

Yes, on products that need them. If you need printing on these please request, at times we will suggest if we feel it’s appropriate.

  • Security Fibers Visible or Not
  • Planchettes and threads
  • Watermarks real and simulated
  • Anti-forgery chemical treatment
  • Covert taggants