Asset Labels

Track and trace valuable assets with labels and tags from our security labels range. With a variety of solutions to available to you select the most suitable for you.

  • Vinyl Asset Labels
  • Polypropylene Asset Labels
  • Polyester Asset Labels
  • Anodised Aluminium labels
  • Tamper Evident Void labels
e liquid bottle labels
Asset labels are used to help companies keep track of valuable items. Making large inventories manageable and easily to report on.Operations Manager. Philippa Griffin

Which Asset Label?

With any label solution the type of finish depends on the environment that it needs to survive in and in most cases, vinyl labels are more than adequate.

They are also the most economic option and like all the options sequential numbering and bar coding. Available and supplied on rolls, easy to store, easy to use.




Suitable for environments like offices and schools where no chemicals or big variations of heat will occur.


Polypropylene asset labels, these are capable of operating down to -10°C up to +80°C.

Laminated Polyester

Polyester Laminated Asset Labels 40’C to +140’C

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised Aluminium asset labels are the toughest available and are made for the virtually any environment they should within reason survive anything.

Tamper Evident Or Destructable

These serve a dual purpose of being tamper evident and an asset label. The tamper evident labels are the classic voiding underneath and the destructible labels fall apart when they are removed so they cant be re-applied to the surface like nothing has happened.


Asset Label Application

Prepare the surface

A clean surface is needed for any label to stick effectively. A solvent wipe is usually a good choice for removing lingering oils or greases that may be present. In most situations simply wipe down and dry the area thoroughly before application.

Position of the asset label

Remember our asset labels are extremely sticky and once applied are hard to move so have a think before pushing them down, especially important if you have void stickers. In schools, it’s extremely likely that they will get picked if this is you get them out of direct sight of the students.

Rugged Environment

If you are expecting a vinyl label to last in heavy wear environment such as manufacturing or simply an item that is handled you will become disappointed as these are not suitable. Polyester Laminated will be a much more suitable label, in a manufacturing environment where you expect grease, oils and solvents to be present, these will be your choice.

Hard to remove asset label

Think about where you putting these labels, even vinyl labels will form a very strong bond and be virtually impossible to move. The tamper evident labels, both destructible vinyl and void labels, leave a mark or become unuseable after first application.