“Spice Up” Your Labels

Anyone who knows us well understands that when it comes to labels we can be just a little fanatical.  A trip to the shops, especially the supermarket, generally results in a “Wow take a look at that” moment much to the chagrin of the poor soul who is unlucky enough to be accompanying us. Maybe it is because after 23 years of living and breathing labels they have become an integral part of our life but then are they not an integral part of everybody’s life?

Take a look around you?

As I sit at my desk writing this article and I take a look around the office I can see dozens of products that have printed labels. From the bottle of water and jar of vitamins on my desk to the empty cartridges that have just come out of my desktop printer – the humble label is everywhere and what a myriad of jobs it has to perform.


One of the key tasks that the label has to fulfil is to attract attention.   Retailers’ shelves are crowded and highly competitive places – your labelling can make the difference between your product being picked off the shelf or being passed by.  However the supermarket is not the only place where a label can be used to capture the imagination.


If you are looking for some inspiration to spice up your marketing then take a look at these amazing scratch away labels that we supplied to award-winning multichannel, retail design agency officeTwelve.

The marketing team from officeTwelve approached Readability for help to turn an idea for an innovative promotional campaign into a reality.  The company were exhibiting at the Retail Design Expo that took place at Olympia in March and were keen to show off their flair for the creative.

The idea was for a competition which involved giving away bottles of water from their stand at the Expo. Nothing very creative about that giving away water at an Expo we hear you say! Well, these water bottles were going to be “interactive”.

The labels used on the bottles would have a scratch off area so that people could get creative and scratch off their design on the label. To enter the competition they had to take a photograph of their bottle label, complete with design, and submit via email or share on officeTwelve’s Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest accounts.  The three best designs were chosen and the winners each received an iPod Touch.

The #showusyerbottle campaign was a great success for the company as it epitomised their creativity and ability to engage, inspire and ignite the imagination.

A challenge

The scratch away label for the #showusyerbottle campaign was an interesting one for us.  The quality of the label was paramount in ensuring that the scratch away area did not become damaged during the manufacturing, printing, shipping and application process.

The delicate nature of the material meant it would have been easy to score or mark during the actual manufacturing process or when rewinding the labels onto rolls. The challenge was to get the labels to officeTwelve in a fit state – any marks would have rendered them useless!  Great care had to be taken to ensure that this did not happen.

The quality of the print and the colour was also critical – after all the labels were being used at a prestigious industry event and would be closely scrutinised by the many marketers in attendance!

We are happy to say that, as ever, Readability rose to the challenge.   

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