Stand out from the crowd with your packaging…

E-cig liquids

We love to help our customers stand from the crowd with their e liquid packaging.  Let’s face it with over 7,000 different flavours out there the E-liquid market is a pretty competitive space!   If you don’t dare to be different then your “blend”, no matter how amazing, is simply going to “blend” in with the 6, 999 other flavours available.



How a simple label can help you to be different

Over 23 years in the label industry, we know just how powerful the humble label can be. You would be amazed at what can be achieved with a well-designed and printed self-adhesive label. It can have a huge impact on your communication and marketing.



An eye-catching design that reflects your brand can make that vital connection with a prospective buyer; it can be the difference between being a winner or a loser in the flavour stakes.  No matter how much time and effort went into formulating the flavour if it doesn’t look appealing chances are “vapers” will not try it out.  The old adage – We “buy with our eyes” rings true.



Not all print is good print – believe me when I say this, I know because over the years I have seen some “shockers”!  Great product and great design deserves top quality print. Where E-liquid labels are concerned durability and the requirement for the label to be scratch resistant is also a consideration.


“Mix it up”

Just as you experiment with flavours to create a really unique taste why not do the same with your packaging?

Here are a few different print finishes you can use to “mix up” your labels:-

Varnish –  achieve a super shine and extra durability with clear varnish/matt varnish or spot varnish

Foil stamping – build brand recognition by adding a metallic foil or holographic foil to your label

Embossing –  exude quality and style for your premium product with a 3D or raised texture finish

Raised Screen Varnish – outline an image or text for added impact or used where a tactile warning label is required for compliance.

You can find out more information about print finishes on our Print Finishes blog.


A final thought… if labels had voices what would you want yours to say?

Marry me, marry me (we threw that one in as it’s nearly Leap Day!)

Buy me, buy me (help me escape off this shelf)

Read me, read me (find out more about me)

Ignore me, ignore me (easily arranged with poor packaging!)


Will you dare to be different this year?

Make sure your E-liquids are sending out the right messages to your customers and prospects. Request a free sample pack.  See, touch and feel some of our amazing labels for yourself. We are sure you will fall in love with them!  And remember the minimum order quantity at Readability is one.


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