Vitamins Minerals and Supplement Label Printing

100% quality guaranteed printed supplement labels that look great on the shelf and are impervious to smudging and are highly scratch resistant.

  • Bespoke labels available to suit all sizes of bottle, tub, tube, carton and pouch
  • Suitable for hand or automatic applications
  • Available on a wide range of materials – foil, clear films, semi gloss vinyl
  • Peel & reseal is a Readability speciality
Supplement Label Printing

Supplement Label Sample Pack

  • Vinyl, Gloss, Matt, Silk and Metallic Looks

    All materials and finishes are included in your sample pack

  • Peel and reseal

    Increase your printing area and print on up to three layers. Peel and Reseal Infomation

  • Cartons & Boxes

    Some supliments will need to be boxed for being shelf ready. Printed carton details

  • Information Leaflets

    A folded leaflet that can contain any extra information that is needed Patient information leaflet details

Supplement Label Samples

Readability labels everything from packs of tea to bottles of e-liquid. Digital capability allows us to offer multiple skus or sorts without expensive plate costs. This means that personalisation, multiple label types and short runs are now affordable and produced within a week.Operations Manager. Philippa Griffin

Digital Supplement Label Printing

With 25 years experience in printed packaging and labelling Readability can offer you a wealth of options to choose from and we guarantee to use our print locations to suit your requirements.

Extensive experience in producing shelf ready packaging means we understand the importance and complexity.

Large volumes of different flavours, sizes and all sorts of SKUs are produced digitally. Meaning no costly plates and no minimum order quantities.

As a Readability customer, you can benefit from our extensive experience in printing labels. Our understanding of the label manufacturing process and years of feedback on the label life cycle has helped us become qualified to offer sensible, practical, cost effective advice.

Twenty five years of know-how, combining label materials and finishes to create a perfect supplement label. A variety of materials including films, foil, holographic materials or semi-gloss vinyl ready to combine with foil, embossing or even a resin screen varnish to print the perfect supplement label.

Print Your Own?

Easily print your labels print your own with an colour label printer. The Epson colorworks range provides a full colour in-house printing.


The Epson C3500 prints good quality low volume on a wide variety of media ideal for bespoke orders.


Bigger is better with the C7500 series that prints high volume high quantity labels nearly as good as our main digital printing presses.

Both of these can deal with variable data printing to high enough quality for bar coding used in retailing industrial and pharmaceutical environments these printers bring a huge amount of versatility and are ideal for you if you have mid-volume/wide-range mix.

Supplement Packaging

Printed Cartons

Readability also supply printed cartons of all sizes. For more information carton printing

Peel and Read Labels

Add extra print area with our range of multilayer labels and maintain your label design. This format allows your label to benefit from extended content without hindering its design, size or shape. For more detailed information check our peel and read labels.

Supplement Packaging FAQ

Our labels are predominantly printed onto a synthetic label material such as Polypropylene (PP) with a strong permanent adhesive. The synthetic (PP) label resists tearing and the print is indelible. This makes your custom labels juice, powder, scratch and smudge proof.
We can provide you with all the necessary equipment for you to overprint variable details on a standard label or print this for you as part of the label print process.
There are standard label application machines that does the job in seconds. Starting at £500 pounds. High quality semi-automatic applicators start at around £7,500 with the fully automatic high speed kit at +£10,000 (We do not sell this kit but are happy to put you directly in touch with the manufacturer).