Vitamins, Minerals and Supplement Label Printing

Printed supplement bottle labels Scratch, smudge and mositure proof. Great, eye catching, designs giving real shelf appeal.

Supplement Label Printing

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  • Vinyl, Gloss, Matt, Silk and Metallic Looks

    All materials and finishes are included in your sample pack

  • Peel and reveal

    Increase your printing area and print on up to three layers. Peel and Reveal label Infomation

  • Information Leaflets

    A folded leaflet that can contain any extra information that is needed Patient information leaflet details

Readability labels everything from packs of tea to bottles of e-liquid. Digital capability allows us to offer multiple skus or sorts without expensive plate costs. This means that personalisation, multiple label types and short runs are now affordable and produced within a week.Operations Manager. Philippa Griffin

Supplement Packaging

resealable label

Peel and Reveal Labels

Need an extra language printed? Then add an extra layer with peel and reveal labels.

Pouch labels

Plain pouches with labels are often used for supplements.


Supplement Packaging FAQ

Our labels are predominantly printed onto a synthetic label material such as Polypropylene (PP) with a strong permanent adhesive. The synthetic (PP) label resists tearing and the print is indelible. This makes your custom labels juice, powder, scratch and smudge proof.