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Supplying thermal transfer ribbons from the best manufacturers worldwide making sure they are compatible with your printer and application requirements.

Choose your printer brand from the menu and you will have a choice of suitable ribbons for your printer.

Custom ribbons are also available, call us or fill out a form (below) or send an email to for more information. Samples are available if you’re unsure which ribbon will work for you.

  • Supplied in various colours or matched to Pantone®
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001/14001 standards

Ribbon quality and reliability

With over 24-year experience of supplying thermal transfer ribbons to most of the major food, chemical and automotive groups in the UK you can guarantee the ribbons you buy from Readability will be fit for purpose. The ribbons we supply are manufactured to BRC and ISO 9001/14001 standards.

Should you experience a problem which can be traced to our ribbon we offer a “no quibble credit and replacement” guarantee.

Available from UK stock

Standard thermal transfer ribbons are available from stock held in the UK ensuring fast and efficient delivery. For added peace of mind, Readability guarantee that if we fail to meet an agreed delivery time, a same-day delivery service will be offered.

Yes. Just tell us the printer make and model number, the label size & quality and briefly describe the label ‘life’ and we will supply the correct product every time.

Many different printers use ribbons with the same setups, matching up the core size, winding and print head types usually gets a ribbon that will work on the printer. To be safe select your printers brand and model, this will mean the correct ribbons are sent to you.

There are many different types of ribbon from many manufacturers but ultimately you will see four the cheapest are wax the most expensive are full resin ribbons. Ribbon specification sheets will often include melting temperatures, thickness and a suggested applications.
A range of standard colours is available from stock in small quantities. It is also possible to Pantone® match a colour if none of the standard colours suit.
We can advise and supply exactly what is required to ensure compliance. Typically this will be regarding a smudge resistance and require something that is resistant to the items being stored. We can advise on this please call in for thermal ribbon advice 01440 712 273.
It shouldn’t, a ribbon on the wrong size core will obviously not fit. If the ink is on the incorrect side you simply get an blank image. If you use a flat head ribbon in a printer with a near edge print head you will get an image, but it will be of a low quality. This in turn means operators not knowing they have an incorrect ribbon turn up heat settings which can damage the print head prematurely.

All our ribbons are clearly marked for winding and near edge ribbons.

Readability’s ribbons are all manufactured by the same people who make the ribbons for the original equipment manufacturer. In most cases you are buying the same ribbon made in the same factory to the same specification – but without the expensive branding.

Most ribbons are held in stock for overnight shipment.

Transfer Ribbon Grades Explained

Choosing between wax, wax-resin and resin ribbons is all about the durability and clarity that said resin-enhanced-wax ribbons provide high enough standards for most applications.

Resin ribbons are used for demanding applications. Where they must be resistant to very high and low temperatures, tough conditions and chemicals. Where the overprint absolutely must be smudge proof these are your ribbons.

Wax-resin ribbons tough and normally tough enough for virtually all applications and is the most versatile.

Readability’s resin-enhanced wax ribbons are suitable for printing onto paper labels. ideal for box-end labels, pallet labels and basic product labels. Perfect for bar codes and variable information.

Black ribbons are the most commonly used but we do supply thermal transfer ribbons in other colours and can also Pantone® match a ribbon colour if required. The OEM grade ribbons are manufactured to BRC and ISO 9001/14001 standards.

coloured thermal transfer ribbons

Making Custom Transfer Ribbons

We guarantee to supply the correct thermal transfer ribbon for your application and printer. With our extensive knowledge of thermal printing, we will be able to advise and supply you with the most suitable ribbon. All we need from you is some basic information:

Printer Make & Model

Let us work out if you need:

  • Inside / Outside wound
  • Core Types and Sizes
  • Near Edge – Flathead

The Label

We need to know:

  • Width in mm
  • Length in mm
  • Label material and finishes


Tell Us if:

  • Flexible Packaging?
  • Temperature extremes
  • Outside storage?

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