Ribbon Compatibility Guide

Buying the correct ribbon to suit your printer is being made easier. Simply search for a printer and/or width in the search box. For example “Zebra 110mm”

You can also read our handy guide to different types of thermal transfer ribbons and their applications below.

Search Your Printer Make & Model

Each printer brand has a standard set of ribbon sizes to suit. If you choose the printer manufacturer then the width you will narrow down the options significantly.

Check Width & Length

Widths are displayed as millimeters (mm) and the length in meters (m) at the start of product names.

For example: 110mm x 600m RPS Flexible Packaging Near Edge Ribbon Wax/Resin (Flexible Out) Box Qty 24

Most printers will accept a range of widths. The width you require is usually based on the width of label or print area you require. Make sure your width is suitable for you.

Wax, Wax-Resin Or Resin

For nearly all applications except where durable or ultra durable print is required for printing on synthetics a wax ribbon will suffice.

Suitable for printing on high gloss or heavily coated paper or card wax-resin is more durable than only wax.

Resin is more durable still and offers more resistance to the oils in e-liquid juice and chemicals such as isopropanol, and brake fluid.

Typical Applications

Readability’s resin-enhanced wax ribbons are suitable for printing onto paper labels. Ideal for box-end labels, pallet labels and basic product labels. Perfect for barcodes and variable information.

For all other label substrates and applications please call Chris or Philippa for free advice and samples.

The following Q & A may help you understand the complexity of ribbon choice;

Q) I need to indelibly over-print a variable date and batch code on my e-liquid labels which are PP synthetic – this print must not smudge or scratch off under any circumstances. Which ribbon should I use?
A) Use a Readability RESIN ribbon which is guaranteed to offer a juice and chemical proof print which is also fully scratch and smudge resistant

Q) The labelled e-liquid bottle is put into a individual gloss white printed carton. I need to over-print the barcode and flavour name onto the carton. I use the Readability recommended auto carton print system? Which ribbon should I use?
A) Use a Readability near edge wax/resin ribbon on the coding printer you mention. This will ensure the barcode and flavour porint is pin sharp and smudge resistant so when the cartons rub together in transit the image remains clear and strong.

Q) So far I have put the bottles in the cartons, now I need to put the cartons into an outer shipping box with a box end label detailing the contents and shipping instructions. Can I use a wax ribbon for this?
A) Absolutely yes! Box ends are completely suited to wax ribbon printing. Readability’s wax ribbon offers good smudge resistance on a paper label. The cost is low and the quality high.

Inside & Outside Wound – Near Edge & Flexible – Core Type

By this stage having selected your printer make and model checked your widths and ribbon grade you don’t really have to know what these terms mean. They are as simple as they sound, outside wound, the wax is on the outside of roll!

You may hear about plastic or card cores, ones with two notches in, or something else that may confuse, but don’t be concerned, you have selected a suitable ribbon for your machine already.

Remember you can always call us on 01440 712 273 to clarify anything that you’re not 100% about.