TPD Ready 10ml Bottle Labeling Options Explained

Please talk to us about your particular need and we will endeavour to explain the options as we understand them. We have supplied millions of e liquid labels, cartons and leaflets to help our customers become confidently TPD compliant. How can we help you? Please call 01440 712 273 and ask for Philippa or Chris, or email

Readability has been involved with many e-liquid companies over the past few years in helping them become fully TPD compliant in terms of bottle labelling. There are two main options available and both will help you become TPD compliant.

From May 2017 you will not be able to supply e-liquids containing nicotine in a bottle larger than 10ml so all of the following assumes a 10ml bottle with a tactile label where appropriate. There two options, Peel and Reseal Labels and a complete packaging solution.

Option 1 Peel and Reseal


A peel and reseal label with an integrated tactile warning triangle with three printed sides; front of the label to carry branding and statutory warnings, inside front and base. These labels can be overprinted with the mandatory variable data such as best before and batch traceability, as well as flavours and Nicotine values on thermal transfer printers or laser.

Option 2 Single Ply Label, Carton & Patient Information Leaflet


A beautifully printed 10ml bottle label with an integrated tactile triangle (where necessary). These labels can be overprinted with the mandatory variable data such as the best before and batch traceability on thermal transfer printer or on a laser printer.

Beautifully printed bespoke cartons to carry your brand and statutory warnings. These cartons are printed to your design, digitally so you can have many editions and are the perfect size for your 10ml bottle. Supplied flat and ready to be hand filled or machine erected.

A pharmaceutical quality Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) printed to your design and carrying all of the relevant health and safety information necessary under TPD. These PIL’s come folded ready for hand or machine insertion into the e-liquid box.

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