Who Made Vapouround’s Labels

vapouround labelVapouround’s new e-liquid bottles look great with labels that have a premium look thanks to the metallic finish. If you had seen what they looked like on plain paper you would not believe it was the same design. The finished label pictured looks nice, but we can’t wait to see this one on the shelf and in the exhibition. Now real justice will be done when the real thing hits the shelf. Labels always look best when applied. Any takers for a standard plain printed label…no, thought not!

Labelling Recommendation

“Having been looking for a while for a new labelling company I was lucky to have found Readability. In my dealings with them I have found them to be a thoroughly professional outfit. I went to them with an idea of what I wanted and they helpfully talked me through the various options available to me.

Before buying the labels I needed a physical proof to show my team the label quality and I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the labels. Readability are definitely the best quality and the most efficient I have used in the UK market.”

What Happened

vapurounds first label design

Vapouround contacted Readability through our website. After a recommendation from their Vapouround magazine team. Readability had previously advertised in the magazine so they knew a little about us.

The artwork was complete and seemingly ready for print. With the artwork was a brief to create a premium look and feel. The first impression of the black with colour indicating the flavour within. It was nice, but to us, it needed something extra to give it the “wow factor”.

The artwork had potential yet it needed something extra to make it go from ordinary to special. When considering this job and looking at the artwork Philippa Griffin of Readability had some suggestions. We should make the paint splat and the colour portion of the flavour stand out with a metallic finish. Use the ink colour on silver PP and have the black done on a solid black with a matt over-varnish. This will make the metallic finish stand out boldly.

Label Samples Needed

The Vapouround guys liked the sound of this but couldn’t picture it. Samples of labels with a similar finish were sent out showing what they looked like. Then a print proof to show what the finished label could look like was created. This print is created by running the job on a full press on the correct material and supplied in sheet form, but not die cut. This process puts customers mind at rest and is a relatively low cost in comparison to having a label you don’t like produced. Two editions cost just £75.00. Waiting to see the finished products become very exciting. Print proofing is something Readability recommends if you’re really serious about a flash design.

Having seen the labels on the print proof the job was immediately approved and sent out for print. Making the customer’s life easy and helping with the design is part of the course for us. Vapouround has been a fantastic customer to work with and we’re confident it will be a great working relationship for years to come.

Best of luck to them in all their endeavours.