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First, to be in with a chance to win a full page of advertising in Vapouround, all you need to do is get a label quote for your e-liquid company and include the phrase “Vapouround competition” in the initial contact by the 31st January 2018. You can then be entered into a prize draw (1st February) to win a full page advert in Vapouround. Now an even bigger reward for reading this and Vapouround this December is a genuine insight into getting the best e-liquid labels possible.

Readability Vapouround Competition – Entry Deadline 31st January 2018

Readability label expert Philippa Griffin has been interviewed in an article that reveals the misty world around packaging e-liquids. Working daily with some of the best vaping companies has given her some great insights into what actually works on e-liquids. Starting with getting a label designed professionally with regulatory information included then overcoming issues like image stability, labels falling off the small bottles and adhesive bleed making a sticky feeling on the labels.

If you need information on packaging for e-liquids:

  1. Call us now
  2. IVBTA and ECITA are both excellent resources.
  3. Read the Vapouround interview with Philippa “label geek” Griffin

Enhancing the label design?

Working out how best to showcase your brand by marrying the label design to the choice of substrate and finish is a subtle art which Readability has perfected over the last 25 years. We will give you honest advice and make recommendations on base materials and finishes once we have seen your artwork. We can even supply you with print proofs so you can see the label in all its glory before pressing the button to print in the 1000’s.

Working with a company that has lots of experience in the industry is a bonus; we are that e-liquid packaging company.

A tough life for an e-liquid bottle label.

E-liquid bottles face a hard life once sold. The bottle is routinely carried in a pocket or purse next to keys, coins and other abrasive objects. The label on the bottle must be tough enough to withstand these trials and remain readable and attractive throughout its life.

  1. Scratch, smudge and juice resistance is imperative.
  2. Label weight and function on a small circumference bottle is vital to prevent labels falling off
  3. So much information to warn & inform on a small size label
  4. Often the need to include a tactile warning of danger

10ml Bottle Labels – Tight circumferences

The 10ml bottle can be a challenge. Supplying a label that is tough enough to withstand daily use and survive around a small bottle needs careful thought. We have designed our label materials and finishes to offer protection and look good. This includes our famous peel and reseal label which will not “wing open” or fall off – guaranteed!

Extra Information – Regulations & branding

Fitting all the information needed by TPD onto the label is done with a two-layer peel and reseal. This gives us 3 surfaces to print on – the front of the label usually carries the branding and warning symbols whilst the inside front cover and base carry in-depth warnings in multiple languages and contact information.

Many of the larger e-liquid brands favour a 2 ply peel & reseal label over a printed carton and patient information leaflet because of the ease of label application and simple inventory.

Tactile Warning Label  – Warnings for the blind and partially sighted

A tactile warning triangle label needs to meet the specifications set out in the ISO 11683 standard. The most popular triangle sizes are 9mm or 18mm equilateral. We can integrate this warning triangle into the label at print stage or supply rolls of clear triangles from stock.

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