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Don’t pay over the odds for “branded” thermal ribbons

Published by Chris Edney on 27th August 2019 | General

Get the best quality thermal transfer ribbon without paying inflated prices just for the branding.

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is not always what it seems. Sometimes inflated pricing goes hand in hand with slick marketing and imagined benefits. We all object to paying more than we need for what is after all the same thing beneath the branding. The usual reason a ribbon buyer would look at compatible ribbons against the branded alternative from respected names such as Toshiba TEC, Zebra or Markem Imaje is to reduce cost but we are led to believe that this is not without risk.

Printer brands…

Sellers of branded ribbons will explain how using their brand will guarantee the user a degree of comfort in that their ribbon is in some way superior in quality to cheaper compatibles. With Readability ribbons this is simply not true.

…buy from the same…

Ribbons from Readability are sourced from the same global manufacturers who manufacture the branded ribbons for the OEMs. Very often these ribbons are made to the same specification with the same back coats and inks on the same production lines in the same factories as the branded “original” ribbon.

We’ve taken care in adding the specifications of every compatible ribbon we sell online if others haven’t you should be asking questions of them.

…ribbon manufactures Readability Ltd does.

What’s the difference between manufacturer approved branded and Readability’s compatible ribbons? Very often the answer is “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING”. There may be a difference in the colour of the core or the number in a box but if you take the branded ribbon off your printer or coder and replace with one of ours and the print quality and performance is exactly the same it would suggest that the ribbon is the same underneath.

Ribbons brought from Readability are…

All of our ribbons are made with the same high-quality back coating, which prevents a build-up of static charge. This and the friction reducing coating help extend the life of printheads. The inks are formulated to offer consistent high definition print of barcodes, text and symbols.

…made in the same factory…

Readability’s thermal transfer ribbons are made in the same factories and, where appropriate, to the same specification as the “manufacturer approved ribbon” so you can be comfortable that all of the good manufacturing policies such as stock rotation, quality control and carbon reduction are strictly adhered to.

…converted from fresh jumbo reels…

Readability’s ribbons are all converted to roll size to order from freshly made jumbo reels and come directly from the factory to the customer ensuring the freshest possible ribbon free from age defects and all within the approved use by dates.

…subject to quality control testing…

Print samples are taken and retained of all ribbons from each batch manufactured and no ribbon jumbos are released until all QC checks have been completed and approved.

…then carefully recommended to you…

Finding the correct ribbon to suit the application is vital and we are here to support our customers in finding the solution that works for them. 30 years’ experience in selling high-quality thermal transfer ribbons to most of the major food groups, automotive manufacturers, chemical companies and pharmaceuticals have helped us collate a huge database of information we can share with customers.

We have a ribbon for every application and we source ribbons from the best manufacturer to suit the end result required.

…with a 100% performance guarantee.

If our ribbons are found at fault you will receive a full refund, including delivery fees.

We can back up the performance with on-site maintenance contracts giving next business day call outs of trained and warranted engineers to look after your printer and print head and train your staff in best operating procedures.

Thermal printing services

We can even supply you with the ribbons, printed/plain labels, print heads, maintenance, cleaning wipes and most important of all our renowned service and free advice with a smile!

Sometimes a lower cost alternative is the way forward. Why spend more than you need just for a branded leader which goes straight into the bin anyway?

Chris is the Managing Director of Readability Ltd a UK company supplying high-quality thermal transfer ribbons, plain and printed labels. Please take a look at for further information or email Chris ( or call him direct on 01440 712273

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